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  1. Evolutionary

    How you make money.

    If you're out of money and need to buy something or if you just want to get heaps of money where do you get it? Defeating the E4 again and again with a Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin works but can get repetitive. Sometimes I like training against the Rich Couple outside the Pokemon...
  2. Evolutionary

    Happy Birthday Invader Palkia!

    Happy birthday! *throws confetti* *sets up party*
  3. Evolutionary

    If you were trapped in a completely plain room...

    ...for a day what would you do? How would you handle boredom when you only have yourself for company? There is NOTHING but the white floor, ceiling, walls of the room and one glass of water and a plate of food. I'd think of ideas for fanfics or any fiction story and just imagine random scenes...
  4. Evolutionary

    Your stats?

    If you were a Pokemon what do you think your stats would be? Lets make it you can use 500(equal points to each stat would be 100 points for each) Stat points and can divide them as you wish. If you want you can make a moveset for yourself... HP: As Kali said HP can be endurance... how long can...
  5. Evolutionary

    D/P/Pt Trick Room team

    When making a new team I decided to try something new and thought of making a Trick Room team. And I did. I've tested it a little on Shoddy, I've won battles when Trick Room was always on when needed and things but I've lost battles when my two Trick Room users faint and I have only Latias for...
  6. Evolutionary

    Magikarp vs Feebas

    Well, which one do you like better? And no saying they suck even if they do :P
  7. Evolutionary

    How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

    I believe this hasn't been made before. So how many shiny Pokemon DO you have and what are they?
  8. Evolutionary

    The Spriter's Club Reborn

    Edit: I was over this for a while and well am ashamed how I behaved :/ But yeah, that's it...
  9. Evolutionary

    ~The Eeveelution Club~

    Intro You have entered the one and only *drum roll*, Eeveelution club. [or the EC] Do you like Eevee or any of it's evolutions? Then this is the place for you. Here we can post fanart and just talk about Eevee and it's evolutions. Anyone can join but you must read the... Rules...
  10. Evolutionary

    R/S/E RMT Emerald BT Team

    Please rate my team for Pokemon Emerald's battle frontier. Here it is so far... Starmie @ Lum Berry EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Sp Atk/ 6 HP Ability: Natural Cure -Surf -Psychic -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt Dugtrio @ Choice Band EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd/ 6 HP Ability: Arena Trap -Aerial Ace -Rock Slide...
  11. Evolutionary

    What gender is Pikachu?

    Bringing back the old topic what gender is pikachu.Personally I would say male but some would say different. Your choice. So let the discussions begin...NOW