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  1. qenya

    Two Rooms and a Boom

    The Vice-President of DRAG Corporation put down the phone with a trembling hand and turned to the silent crowd in front of her. A bizarre collection of oddballs and misfits, indeed: several had been cowering in the corner all evening, refusing to interact with the other guests, while others had...
  2. qenya

    Two Rooms and a Boom - interest poll

    Since I seem to have a lot of time on my hands all of a sudden, I figured I'd put together a proposal for a game of Two Rooms and a Boom, as was floated in the Game Queue Something! Let me know below if you'd be interested, or have preferences surrounding lengths/start times. ~ * ~ * ~ Two...
  3. qenya

    Introduction thread with witty title

    Woo, shiny new forum software! I hung around TCoD for a while in like 2012 or so, mostly just lurking. It seems so empty now, which is a big shame! I suppose the rise of massive social media sites has been unkind to independent forum communities like this. I'm a roleplayer at heart, but I tend...