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  1. Music Dragon

    On Stone

    So I was looking at ideas for my tournament battle, right, and it occurred to me that Iron Ball doesn't double the holder's weight! Why is there no item that doubles the holder's weight? That's outrageous! And especially so considering that there exists an in-game item called Float Stone that...
  2. Music Dragon

    Icons mixed up

    Several of the forum icons seem to have switched places with one another. How very odd! Is anyone else getting this or is it just me? Are they playing a prank on me again?
  3. Music Dragon

    On Dodging, Accuracy, and Evasion

    I've got a whole battery of questions about dodging and avoiding moves! I wasn't sure whether this deserved a meta thread or not, but I figure there's probably room for discussion here, so. Feel free to just toss this post back into the Question Box if there are already established answers to...
  4. Music Dragon

    JackPK vs The Omskivar

    JackPK vs The Omskivar Arena: JackPK's active squad spinarak Gwen the female Spinarak <Insomnia> @ Red Card froakie Sheena the female Froakie <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg inkay Reynolds the male Inkay <Contrary> @ Eviolite doublade Lancelot the male Doublade <No Guard> @ Dusk Stone budew Louise the...
  5. Music Dragon

    Meursault vs. Keldeo

    Meursault vs Keldeo Arena: Meursault's active squad ralts Malmö the female Ralts <Synchronize> @ Lucky Egg baltoy Ruin the genderless Baltoy <Levitate> @ Sachet gastly Delve the female Gastly <Levitate> @ Lum Berry cleffa Usagi the female Cleffa <Magic Guard> @ Soothe Bell larvitar Berlin...
  6. Music Dragon

    Immersion in video games

    Let's discuss what makes video games immersive! Something I've been thinking about lately is whether video games, in general, are more immersive than movies/books/etc. On the one hand, I think the interactivity of video games gives them the potential to be more engaging than other media. The...
  7. Music Dragon

    The Quest for the Legends - DVD audio commentary

    Since the DVD version of The Quest for the Legends is coming out soon, I figured it would be fun to give you guys a taste of what the extra features are going to be like! Here's an excerpt from the audio commentary, featuring the director (that's me). Click here!
  8. Music Dragon

    The Diggersby Fanclub

    This is the Diggersby Fanclub, a club for everyone who's a huge fan of Diggersby! Diggersby is a rabbit Pokémon that resembles a middle-aged man with lots of stubble and perhaps a bit of a beer belly. It's really good at digging and stuff. Do join! CURRENT MEMBERS: - Music Dragon, Deity of...
  9. Music Dragon

    Shoes and shoelaces

    I'm doing some research for my bachelor's thesis, so I need to gather information about shoelaces and shoelace tying habits. Please take some time to answer the poll and then elaborate in this thread. How do you usually tie your shoelaces? What shoes do you wear? What size are your shoes? What...
  10. Music Dragon

    One-Shot Back Cover of the Book

    Main Character has done some things. But now, he must do a different thing. Five years have passed since the events of the previous book. Main Character, still haunted by his memories, is thrust once again into adventure sometime around the third chapter - but the stakes are higher than ever...
  11. Music Dragon


    MOTION: That the Council reinstate the "Reputation" feature, in which members could grant reputation points to posts deemed to be of particularly high quality. Reinstatement is subject to: negative reputation being removed in the interest of preventing excess drama reputation no longer being...
  12. Music Dragon

    The Nobel Banquet

    Pretty excited! Even though I'll probably be very, very bored because I'll have nothing to say to anyone. But still. This is likely only going to happen twice in my whole life (once now and once when I receive a prize of my own).
  13. Music Dragon

    a climax.

    One night in an old abandoned chapel, a boy was eaten by a wolf They recovered the piece of the boy that survived It was only a climax a short, small climax.
  14. Music Dragon

    One-Shot Lateral Thinking Puzzles of Happiness

    Lateral Thinking Puzzles of Happiness If you like lateral thinking puzzles, you're sure to enjoy these! The first ones aren't so tricky, but they only get harder as you go! They're sure to keep you up at night, just thinking and thinking and thinking, laterally! Feel free to ask "yes/no"...
  15. Music Dragon


    I picture her in that very same tattered dress The pale yellow one, riddled with tiny holes, like a colander Shrouded in streetlight glow she looks like a dying star in an empty universe I remember the leers and jeers of snotty brats with spotty faces And I remember our mutual desire to flee the...
  16. Music Dragon

    Music Dragon's Actual Music

    Given that I've called myself "Music Dragon" for years now, I think it's about time I started being all musical and shit. So here's a few dumb tunes for you. Uploaded to SoundCloud because I don't really know what else. If you recognize any of these songs, that's cool, because it means I...
  17. Music Dragon

    One-Shot Letter of Application

    Dear Sir or Madam, I write regarding the position of language school receptionist advertised in last week’s edition of Language School Receptionists Weekly. I am a former steamboat engineer currently unemployed as a result of the recent invention of the diesel engine; hence my applying for this...
  18. Music Dragon

    Should I buy a theremin?

    I've been trying to make up my mind for ages, and I really could use some advice. Should I buy a theremin? On the one hand, it's an insanely difficult instrument to play (I know, I just tried), quite expensive, and I have the attention span of a toddler on acid, so I'm not sure I'd be happy with...
  19. Music Dragon

    if only love were this rational

  20. Music Dragon

    Morning Dread [CRITIQUE NEEDED]

    Morning Dread Suncats dancing across the walls. Nymphs drooling over the bedsheets. Things thinging. Things singing. And in escaping the lust for beauty I become one with it. Caress my poor, vitrified trachea. Let me breathe. Spare me entropy, heat death, cold death, disorganized death...