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  1. Superbird

    [ASB Quest] Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Sceptile & Venusaur

    ASB Quest Battle: Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Venusaur & Sceptile (Eifie) Sandstone-Shadow's active squad horsea Pertina the female Horsea <Swift Swim> @ Lucky Egg ivysaur Sana the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Metronome fennekin Nefi the female Fennekin <Magician> @ Fire Stone litwick...
  2. Superbird

    [ASB Quest] Eifie & Keldeo vs. Blaziken & Charizard

    ASB Quest Battle: Eifie & Keldeo vs Blaziken & Charizard (RedneckPhoenix) Eifie's active squad espeon Adelle the female Espeon <Synchronize> @ Wise Glasses [4XP] chatot Warbaa'd the male Chatot <Tangled Feet> @ Metronome litwick Banbi de Famme the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Dusk Stone...
  3. Superbird

    Sleep Sort

    You've heard of Bubble Sort. And Quick Sort. And merge sort, insertion sort, selection sort, and possibly lucky sort and taco sort. But this sort exceeds them all. Sleep Sort Sleep Sort is an interesting sorting algorithm. Unlike bubble sort, selection sort, or insertion sort, it is not...
  4. Superbird

    Monitors of Modern Art

    Hello! I'm Superbird, and over the past year and a half I've been compiling a bunch of really cool pictures. Recently, I created a website on which to store all of them - this is Monitors of Modern Art (MOMA for short). And while I could put this in the Advertising forum, this seemed just a...
  5. Superbird

    Web Host Suggestions

    I would like a host for my Modern Art website. There are a lot of places to look and a lot of reviews to read, so I thought before doing that I would ask you all whether you have any recommendations. I'm looking primarily for something cheap (preferably less than $7 or 8 USD/month) with a large...
  6. Superbird

    Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK

    Eifie vs Keldeo vs TruetoCheese vs JackPK Eifie's active squad skiploom Plum Seed the female Skiploom <Chlorophyll> @ Red Card litwick Bambi (Kadabra's Lucky Charm) the male Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Dusk Stone (Sig Move: Refuel) natu Siradhan the male Natu <Early Bird> @ Mental Herb paras...
  7. Superbird

    Inspector Mafia [Game]

    A hush fell over the International Police meeting. Someone among them was an impostor...no, two people. This was a matter of international importance - if the killers were to be let free, the international police would be through, and the world would descend into chaos. Everyone knew the...
  8. Superbird

    Inspector Mafia

    Almost everyone is an inspector. Not everyone is a good inspector, however. But together you must attempt to find all of the Mafia among you, so that they don't take over the International Police and cause chaos around the world. Only you can prevent catastrophe. So! I felt like running a...
  9. Superbird

    Social Darwinism

    I've become interested in the concept as of late, and I thought I would create a thread to see if I could get other people's opinions on it. As somewhat of a starter, I've realized there are at least two perspectives with which one can look at social darwinism. The first is that one sees...
  10. Superbird

    Zexion vs JackPK

    Zexion vs JackPK Zexion's active squad cyndaquil Cinders the male Cyndaquil <Blaze> @ Fire Stone shinx Sparky the female Shinx <Intimidate> nincada Jarfly the male Nincada <Compound Eyes> aron Iron the female Aron <Rock Head> slowpoke King the male Slowpoke <Oblivious> @ King's Rock cherubi...
  11. Superbird

    Birdcrest vs. Faorzia

    Birdcrest vs Faorzia Birdcrest's active squad noibat Colin the male Noibat <Infiltrator> @ Dragon Fang treecko Terra the male Treecko <Overgrow> drilbur Digger the female Drilbur <Sand Rush> binacle Dragoknight the female Binacle <Tough Claws> Faorzia's active squad piplup Pipsnap the...
  12. Superbird

    Byrus vs B411L3B055

    Byrus vs B411L3B055 Byrus's active squad houndoom Christy the female Houndoom <Flash Fire> @ Electirizer [4+ EXP] skuntank Jonesy the male Skuntank <Stench> @ Black Sludge buneary Fiver the male Buneary <Run Away> @ Soothe Bell grimer Lobh the female Grimer <Sticky Hold> @ Black Sludge...
  13. Superbird

    Happy Birthday, Zero Moment!

    What a wonderful eighteen years it has been! You're now eighteen! A legal adult! Old enough to vote! Old enough to be legally kicked out of your parents' home! May today be great, and may the rest of your life be even greater!
  14. Superbird

    Meursault vs pathos

    Meursault vs pathos Meursault's active squad kirlia Malmö the female Kirlia <Synchronize> @ Lucky Egg [4+ EXP] meowth Bastet the female Meowth <Technician> @ Leppa Berry baltoy Ruin the genderless Baltoy <Levitate> @ Sachet swablu Georgia the female Swablu <Natural Cure> @ Lucky Egg gastly...
  15. Superbird

    Show, Don't Tell

    I'm confused. I mean, we all know that Show, Don't Tell is one of the most important rules in creative writing, but then when you try to explain it, it's really difficult. You never get told what "show, don't tell" really means – you're just given examples of writing that's just telling, and...
  16. Superbird

    Realistic Pokémafia IV [game]

    Realistic Pokémafia IV [game] The Safari Zone's population has been decreasing, as of late. Serial killers are afoot, the pokémon have reasoned, and due to the nature of the deaths, humans are definitely not the culprits. No, the culprit is one of them. The Safari Zone, and the pokémon within...
  17. Superbird

    One-Shot Butterflies

    I'm sure that, sometime in the future, I'll make this longer, but for what it is after two hours I'm satisfied with it. Butterflies Shingeki was devastated when his parents sent him to America. America, he protested, didn’t have any bugs! It was all cities, and no trees, or forests, or...
  18. Superbird

    Realistic Pokémafia IV

    Realistic Pokémafia IV Skipping III because why not. This is becoming an annual thing, it seems. Welcome to Realistic Pokémafia! Realistic Pokémafia is called such because rather than having a standard defined action, players will instead use one of their several moves, which will serve as...
  19. Superbird

    Magical Sextuple Rotation Battle

    pathos vs Dragon vs The Omskivar vs Murkrow vs Wargle vs Meursault I'm not listing everyone's pokémon here, because that would take far too long. You all know what pokémon you have, and if you're curious about each other's possible choices, you can view each other's profiles: pathos, Dragon...
  20. Superbird

    On Evolution

    So, lately, I've been thinking about something. ASB, at least on TCoD, is built mainly from its own intrinsic value. Battling is fun, and that's why we do it. But there are unfortunate aspects of ASB that end up being kind of useless. Money is one of these, once you have more of it than you...