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  1. Raiden

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Just noticed most of the assignments in my current information science class are amazingly fun. We get to watch video lectures at home and then write essays that are only TWO pages long?! ...Not to mention all the new stuff I'm learning~ Apparently the Library of Alexandria held 700,000 papyrus...
  2. Raiden

    Vending Machine Game

    Out comes George Washington carrying a boat. In goes a Finnish soldier from the Winter War.
  3. Raiden

    More clue game

    And utterly stuck on 29. I've read the hints in the former thread, but I still don't get it - I never actually got clue 22 from the site itself, I solved it with the thread hints. So I can't exactly look for the answer to 29 anywhere... Help? ._.
  4. Raiden

    Favorite Pokemon of Each Type (Chart)

    I suck at editing anything existing so not doing a chart. XD Instead, I'll be doing them text-based and hiding the list under a hidebox because space.
  5. Raiden

    Pokemon Fusion

    Mewbro actually looks really good... XD Certainly much better than a derpy Slowbro. Mewtung looks like this thing that jumps you during Halloween and yells "GIMME ALL YER CANDY." Gloobra looks like it's really hungry... Omatle would be the scariest starter EVER. Kaktwo, Beetwo and...
  6. Raiden

    Lazy Pokemon designs

    ...Mew? I mean, it's my favorite Pokémon, but I have to admit it's not the most unique thing in the world. It literally just looks like a pink vallaby. Plus I've seen pink furry cat things before. Angelique did that even before Pokémon back in 1994. XD Except Alphonsia and Rutis look more like...
  7. Raiden

    Hey TCoD, your favorite Pokemon is Scyther

    So Scyther is now a pink Psychic cat, a forested tortoise, a happy bat and a fire moth all at the same time. That sounds like a scary chimera.
  8. Raiden

    So, Nintendo's now doing a type personality quiz.

    I seem to be the forum's first Ground type (1st time) AND Ghost type (2nd time). XD "You'd be a Ground-type Pokémon! You're steady and stable, and you might also leave people quaking in their boots!" "You'd be a Ghost-type Pokémon! People don't believe their eyes even when you appear right in...
  9. Raiden

    Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

    I tend to plan my teams based on what Pokémon the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion are using... but now that they've all been removed, the entire "strategizing" point is moot and I'll probably just use Pokémon as I catch them. I know Kommo-o will be going on my party in both games, and...
  10. Raiden

    Nuzlocke Challenge

    I did my first, and currently only, Nuzlocke run two years ago. Used my Pokémon Black 2 for that and wrote a stupid, tiny "diary" of it from my Oshawott's POV. XD You can read it here: http://beldarius.deviantart.com/journal/So-I-started-my-first-ever-Nuzlocke-challenge-461099785
  11. Raiden

    Absurdly lucky/unlucky moments

    Ran into a Shiny Pokémon in Platinum. Before getting the Pokéballs. Dang it.
  12. Raiden

    What languages can you speak?

    Äidinkieleni on suomi. (My native language is Finnish.) I'm also near native level in English. I also know the bare basics of Swedish, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese (can't read the symbols yet, but romaji i.e. the Latin letter variety is a piece of cake).
  13. Raiden

    Post your voice.

    ...I recorded myself speaking around eight years ago. My accent is terrible and I sound like I've got a perpetual cold, but this is generally what I sound like (my native language is Finnish, btw... explains the accent). http://www.mediafire.com/file/4vvdqt11s8f6nso/Raiden+-+Hatsuharu.WAV I...
  14. Raiden

    The New Tumblr Thread

    Here you go, this is mine: http://beldarius.tumblr.com/ Contains a tiny bit of swearing, just figured I'd warn you guys. Also, most of the stuff on there is just stupid, random fandom things. XD Some from fandoms you probably have never heard of, like Cyber Formula and Super Robot Wars.
  15. Raiden

    Misreadings and stuff

    I managed to misread "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" as "The Rime of the Ancient Murderer". ...TWICE. Misread "Rautajätti" (Iron Giant, the movie) as "Rautajuntti" (Iron Redneck). Finnish language... Bullet Striker turned into Bullet Stinker. Though my best one to date is "Around the Clock"...
  16. Raiden

    Classical Music

    ...In case you want to find lots of classical music and won't mind parody manga, try reading Violinist of Hameln - it's about heroes playing magic music, and all the pieces played are either very famous or quite obscure. Actually, it was thanks to VoH that I discovered Holst and his Planets...
  17. Raiden

    What are you watching?

    Anime Yuri on Ice, All Out, One Piece, Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond, Scared Rider Xechs, Uta no Prince-sama, stuff like that. I watch them all intermittently. (Still need to finish Saint Seiya Omega and Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.) Re-watching Future GPX Cyber Formula for the third time. Real life...
  18. Raiden

    What are you reading? II

    I've been reading manga for the past few years and kind of forgot novels for a while. ...That is, until recently when I discovered a Finnish fantasy book series called "Mantereet" ("The Continents"). I've been reading volume 1 off and on, i.e. whenever I have the time, energy and interest to do...
  19. Raiden

    Secret Link...again

    Oh dear lord, I just found it. I would never have guessed even from the clues that it was there.
  20. Raiden

    What's your birthday on the the tCoD Zodiac?

    Mar 19: The Day of Mesprit, Reign of Mesprit, Season of Water. ...That's a lot of Mesprits. In Generation 5, I had "The Day of Swalot, Reign of Victini, Season of Fire". Just kind of laughing over the Swalot thing since I love to eat... In Generation 4, I had "The Day of Combee and Vespiquen...