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  1. kimbachu

    Responsive dropdown menu help?

    I've been stuck on this all day and I'm ready to ask for help: The desktop version of my dropdown menu works exactly as I want it to, but the mobile version expands downwards when hovering over a link and I can't seem to fix it. I think it has something to do with absolute/relative positioning...
  2. kimbachu

    PokéPrint is back!

    I figured it's about time I drop a link to my website here. (Re)introducing... PokéPrint! flygon For those who weren't around a few years ago when PokéPrint was originally online, my website's purpose is to provide players with printable checklists and guides for the Pokémon video games...
  3. kimbachu

    Long-time visitor, first-time poster... so, hi!

    Hi everyone! I'm Kimba! I've been a regular visitor of The Cave of Dragonflies for... probably over 10 years now. But I've never been much of a forum person, so it's taken me this long to sign up here. I actually owned a Pokémon fansite a few years ago called PokéPrint. It was also an...