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  1. Murkrow

    AI-generated monstrosities

    DallE mini has been doing the rounds on twitter recently and I've been spamming discord servers with funny images it's generated for me. Another ai image generation site I've had fun with in the past is NeuralBlender, though the free version of that seems to have got worse since I last played...
  2. Murkrow


    Who else is playing? Have you found any fun variations of it? I'm currently on a 24 day streak
  3. Murkrow

    The Problem with NFTs

    The cult of speculation around crypto stuff has been increasingly pissing me off recently, seeming to reach a new fever pitch every other day. It may only be January, but in my opinion this is the most important video of the year. I'm posting it because I want to spread the word around as much...
  4. Murkrow

    What are you currently feeling nostalgic about?

    Nostalgia is such a weird emotion. Is it happy, is it sad? Was the thing you're thinking of even as good as you remember it? But what I do know is that when I get these feelings I want to share it with people. So here's everyone chance: what are you feeling nostalgic about? What triggered it? Is...
  5. Murkrow

    Would you be into Pokémon if it came out today?

    If Pokémon didn't exist before now, and it came out today as a new video game or an anime, would you be interested?
  6. Murkrow

    If you were in charge of your country, what would you do?

    What the title says. At least, what would your top priorities be? UK Change the voting system to a form of proportional representation (most important issue, I mean that unironically) Undo all of the authoritarian stuff that's been pushed through in the last couple of decades (erosion of the...
  7. Murkrow

    Is there a thematic reason for bridges to be so prominent in Unova?

    Black and White's main theme is the clash between ideals and truth, and you end up coming to a reconciliation with N. It could be said that there ends up being a bridge between the conflicting worldviews. Bridges connect things, and one place a bridge is featured is when you enter Entralink. A...
  8. Murkrow

    Who's your favourite human character?

    There's so many human characters in Pokémon that there's now a mobile game about collecting them instead of Pokémon. Who's your favourite?
  9. Murkrow

    Game Dev Club

    So the long and short of it is, that I work better when I surround myself with other people doing similar things. It helps keep me motivated I guess. Would anyone be interested in working on whatever kind of games you want, and posting progress etc here? Either large projects or small "flash"...
  10. Murkrow

    Voting Systems

    This is mainly about the state of UK and US politics and I'll use UK terminology for the most part, but feel free to chime in if you're from somewhere else. If you do have a different voting system, do you think it works better or worse than First Past the Post? You may also want to discuss...
  11. Murkrow

    Word Association Scrabble

    Alright, this is an idea I had today but have no idea if it's going to actually work. You post a word related to the last word, but you've got to make it fit on the "board" (in tags) like a crossword or scrabble. I don't think there should be a limit on how big the board can get so long as it...
  12. Murkrow

    What is the most recent thing you're nostalgic about?

    Music from Pokémon gen 6 makes be more nostalgic than music from gens 4 and 5. What is the newest or most recent thing you're nostalgic about?
  13. Murkrow

    Pokémon Generations

    Pokémon Generations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMzwcIG8vgk Hype?
  14. Murkrow

    [Wanted] Leaf Stone

    I've been training Pokémon for that grass monotype tournament, but I still need a Leaf Stone! Aroma Lady Rose must be all out. Hopefully this doesn't give away what Pokémon I'm using. In return I can offer pretty much any non-event Pokémon, I think. I also have a Darkrai going spare. FC...
  15. Murkrow

    Celebrities you confuse

    Some look alike, some have similar names. Some you just confuse for no reason whatsoever. Who do you confuse? Whenever I hear the name "Robert Downey Jr" I think it's some American politician. I know it isn't, but it's the first thing my mind jumps to when I hear the name. Apparently JK...
  16. Murkrow

    What's going on?

  17. Murkrow

    Why don't you post much?

    I had a hard time thinking of a title that wasn't passive-aggressive but oh well. Basically I'm thinking of the Activity Pit of Doom and was wondering why people don't post in the first place. I know this is a weird thread to make because I assume most people who don't post don't even visit the...
  18. Murkrow

    Miis/Tomodachi Life

    Has anyone here made any Miis that they're proud of? Do you play Tomodachi Life, or any other game that uses Miis? Let's share them! I'll post pictures later. I find it easier to make Miis of real people, probably because there's a bit more room for deviation and they're still recognisable...
  19. Murkrow

    UK General Elections 2015

    The forums might not be as active as they were in 2010 or 2012 but let's see how this thread goes :P The election is tomorrow, or today if I post this late. If you're here, who are you voting for? Who do you think will win? Are you voting tactically rather than for who you actually want? Most...
  20. Murkrow

    Pokémon pronouncications you got wrong

    Pokémon pronouncications you got wrong If you don't watch the anime or talk to many other people about Pokémon irl then you've probably experienced this. And in the pre-internet days even if you did talk to other people about it you could all be pronouncing it the wrong way. Which ones did you...