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  1. BananaBread127

    FUNNY NUMBERth post discovered

    This is catastrophically stupid, but the post on these fair forums with the identification number of, *ahem,* Six-Hundred and Ninety-Six-Thousand, Nine-Hundred and Sixty-Nine (696969) has been unearthed from entire days of past by yours truly, the banana bread guy. As you may know, this is...
  2. BananaBread127

    Artwork by the Banana Bread Guy

    Hello, just making a post on these forums, like I definitely do regularly, to share some of my recent artwork in the Artwork forum. I'm looking for criticism, so if you have any of that, please tell it to me, although I have already noticed the following: Shinx's shadow is wonky, the Several...
  3. BananaBread127


    Hello. I joined these forums a few weeks ago, thinking that it'd be a good way to meet new people, and I've mostly been lurking since then. My daily activities primarily consist of playing video games, and getting bored within minutes because of my garbage attention span. I'd say i'm a fan of...