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    any Halo fans?

    Are or were you a halo fan? I remember back in high school the only reason people had an x box was to play halo, hell we played the trial in the school's lab. I still play, an active player on reach and waiting for the new one by a different studio~
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    Have you read the ink series?

    Inkheart, inkspell and inkdeath. It's a fantasy trilogy about these people who can read characters to life from rich stories but at times at a price. The story itself is just beautiful, the way it was written, the attention to detail and every chapter has a quote from poems to other novels...
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    Playing the original GB games just don't feel right...

    when you play on an emulator to me. Maybe it's just the nostalgia clouding my view, but whenever I get some high end mobile device, or computer the first thing I do is pimp it out with games. However I always get the traditional games and I never feel satisfied playing them. Then a couple weeks...
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    Short cheesy jokes

    and go A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop what did the wall say to the other wall? Meet you at the corner! What did the pencil say to the other pencil? You're looking sharp! What did the mathbook say to the history book? Man, I'm full of problems! I admit they are...
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    Favorite Pokemon rom hacks?

    I've played Snakewood and Flora Sky and those two rom hacks have blown me away, snakewood for its witty and humorous dialogue and flora sky for its vast and well scripted events. You guy have any favorite rom hacks? If you haven't and can't quite figure out how to patch the files or if it seems...
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    Discussion about rom hacks okay?

    I understand hosting/providing DL links are a no can do, I was just wondering if starting a thread about rom hacks (not posting downloads or anything like that) is okay on here since I am an avid fan of rom hacks
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    Obligatory introduction

    well not really obligatory, just making the standardized intro thread I usually make when registering in a new forum, Hi.