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  1. Barry<3

    Skype group

    All that seems way too confusing. Thank you though
  2. Barry<3

    Skype group

    How many of you have Skype? You guys should make a Skype so we can all talk at the same time. I think it would be kind of cool. :sunglasses: You guys can add me if you want : Tritopianboy. I'm a little bit paranoid, so I'm sorry if there's a topic like this. I'm getting used to the site. Thanks!
  3. Barry<3

    Contact Information

    Skype: Tritopianboy
  4. Barry<3

    Your top 10 movies?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong part of the forum, I am still getting used to the site. Here are mine! (In no particular order) -Marvel's The Avengers -Iron man -Catching Fire -The little mermaid -Pokémon the first movie -The Lion king -The titanic -Pokémon: Spell of the Unknown -Iron man...
  5. Barry<3

    Mario Kart Wii for my 6-year old rage quitting nephew?

    He's a small child and he doesn't understand that he can not always win. I would try explaining that to him and encourage him to keep practicing and reward with him as he gets closer and closer to 'winning." If that doesn't work. . . I'd try an easier game - like New super Mario bros wii...
  6. Barry<3

    Favorite app?

    What is your favorite "Apps"? This can be for iPhone, android, Kindle, Wii U, etc etc I use snap chat, balloon tower defense (a game I'm addicted to), Facebook, and Fruit Ninja a lot. If you guys know any cool ones let me know and I'll try them out. :grin:
  7. Barry<3

    What Games Are You Playing?

    I am currently playing Super Mario 3D world for Wii U.
  8. Barry<3


    Hey, My name is Barry. I'm into writing, web design, graphic design, comics, and Nintendo. I have both a Wii U and a 3DS, so if you want to add me I'll be happy to. My favorite games for the 3DS are pokemon X and Y. I am currently building a wifi team to battle with, but I don't have many...