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  1. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Pokemon Dream World Finds

    I don't know if a thread like this exists already but I thought the idea was cool. I was in the dream world today and encountered a female Goldeen that had its hidden ability of Lightningrod. I think it would be interesting to share Pokemon you have encountered with useful/odd hidden...
  2. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Funny things teachers/ professors have said

    "You can't choke members of Congress. It's against the law." ~Civics teacher
  3. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Back from the dead!!

    Hello everyone. I decided I would come back to tCoD after years of inactivity. I joined the forums way back in '08 as an eleven year old. Now I am slightly more versed in knowledge of the internet. My old username was Pokedreamer. If you remember my old posts and my horrendous grammar I...
  4. Shiny Cofagrigus

    welcome to TCOD!

    welcome to TCOD!
  5. Shiny Cofagrigus

    can the week 18 contest be a splice?

    can the week 18 contest be a splice?
  6. Shiny Cofagrigus

    lip health

  7. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Your PC

    POKEDREAMERS PC Cyndaquil (Starter) Cherubi (Male) Obtained in: Stardust Isle Forest ITEMS: Stardust Mountain Pass
  8. Shiny Cofagrigus

    The Bank

    -3 -3
  9. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Stardust Isle

    buy a stardust ball and go into the forest
  10. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Requests Open CLICK ME

    may dredart have an evolution?
  11. Shiny Cofagrigus

    lip health

    chapstick hasn't been helping i have been using it for a few days
  12. Shiny Cofagrigus

    lip health

    my bottom lip has been cut really badly (it looks like a lip ring.) i woke up this morning with blood on my face. what are some good treatments for chapped and cut lips?
  13. Shiny Cofagrigus

    The Bank

    may i have a Cyndaquil? id like to open an account
  14. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Requests Open Beauty signature shop ~

    Signature Pic:Flint Blaziken Text:Feel the power of flames! Size:medium Color:whatever matches good Extra:(none)
  15. Shiny Cofagrigus

    yes can u help me? do u have a shop

    yes can u help me? do u have a shop
  16. Shiny Cofagrigus

    hey flygon

    hey flygon
  17. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Requests Open Request please!

    thanks flygon i have had someone else color the shiny for me (i told them it was your wonderful work)
  18. Shiny Cofagrigus

    Probably needs to be under creativity...

    can anyone do custom trainers. not like the half poke people just normal trainers