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  1. Minish

    Favourite Final Fantasy music!

    Hi it's just like the top 10 threads, maybe! :o If you're a casual fan I guess maybe you can't make a big list but uh. I really can. I decided to make myself a limit of only five from VII, ehehe u_u 1 Anxious Heart (VII) 2 Judgement Day (VII) 3 Cosmo Canyon (VII) 4 Ronfaure (XI) 5 Main Theme...
  2. Minish

    Happy birthday to Dannichu!!

    Hope today was fun, too! :3 Thanks for being awesome. <3
  3. Minish

    it's Cilan time! [animated gif thread]

    This is a Cilan discussion thread. Unfortunately, if you don't like Cilan, you are wrong! also: objectively great Iris is also wonderful.
  4. Minish

    Happy birthday, opaltiger!

    :D! He is twenty! If you didn't know, that's really quite old. I wonder how he's taking it? ♡ Actually he's taking ages in the bathroom while we wait with presents and cake >:( RUDE. He's pretty great so let's wish him a happy year! :o
  5. Minish

    \o/ \o/ changed my title&name

    I am now Mx Cirrus F (well in a few days) by deed poll!! \o/ this is a big and awesome thing for me so yay, yay, yay all over the place also it means I am going to be veeery selective about who I inform because the bank can't know *just* yet so I am a mystery ghost person or something...
  6. Minish

    Going to Japan yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!!

    Because I am dating someone with an exquisitely generous and lovely mother, I have been invited to holiday in Tokyo with opaltiger for several weeks next March!! We have never flown before and also I am like, having to try so hard to control myself because it's Japan eee. :D I understand that...
  7. Minish

    Happy birthday, opaltiger!!! \o/

    it's opaltiger's birthday and I think you should all wish him a happy one because he's nineteen, yay, yay!! :D :D Which is totally not old in the slightest, right! *hug!* \o/ \o/ \o/ :3 ~~
  8. Minish

    Pictures of the younger you!

    There was a thread like this ages ago. But it is gone now. :C However, I am so amused at seeing kid pictures of people that I have brought it back~ me at like... 5 or 6 or 7 I am awful at telling ages (I'm on the right) me at about 9. hoooot me with my dad, at about 13? me at about 15 with my...
  9. Minish

    Help on transgenderism

    I'm doing transgenderism for my Communication & Culture coursework. Which means, I need to write a massive text essay and also make a creative piece (no idea what the bloody hell I'm going to do for that suggestions would be appreciated there :'D). But I'll figure that out. Most importantly, I...
  10. Minish


    This is extraordinarily lame, but, I finally got with my now-girlfriend! And I am happy. :3 Things have been awkward for a while, but I liked her, she liked me, and... well, finally we actually did something about it. I feel horribly non-worthy of her, which is a really stupid and unhealthy...
  11. Minish

    What's your timetable?

    For school. :D Because, I remember there was a thread like this last year which is totally a good reason to bring it back! Plus I'm interested or something. For me, it's: Monday: free, English, English, Comms, Comms Tuesday: Sociology, Sociology, free, free, free Wednesday: Comms, Comms, free...
  12. Minish

    Cirrus' poetry thread

    Isn't that just the most imaginative thread title I could come up with. I don't pretend to know much of the technical aspects of poetry writing, nor do I have much experience. Really, I just use it as a way of concentrating random thoughts and bits of muse. Gentle constructive criticism would...
  13. Minish

    Germany #2, whoo!

    I go to Germany around three times a year (since about 2005) as my dad lives there, and this is the second time for this year, starting today! I haven't seen my dad since March, so I'm very happy :'D ..you'd think I'd be able to speak a bit more German after all the times I've been there, but...
  14. Minish

    Your Top 10 Favourite Albums

    I figured why not. There've been similiar threads, but I'm pretty sure none for your overall favourite albums ever. :D Yes. Ever. I was going to say five, but... then I realised how hard it was to choose. For me, it's probably: 1. ULTRA BLUE - Utada Hikaru 2. Enchant - Emilie Autumn 3. Water...
  15. Minish

    Legend of Korra

    I'm not sure if there are many other Avatar: tLA fans on here... but... AHHHHH LEGEND OF KORRA OMG omg omg. Basically, this is a miniseries sequel of sorts that will be airing sometime in the late fall, set 70 years after the original show. The main character is the next Avatar incarnation...
  16. Minish

    All-time top 5 video games

    There's a film version, so what about your top five games? This is going to be hard... >_< 1. Final Fantasy VII 2. Final Fantasy X 3. Persona 4 4. The World Ends With You 5. Pokemon Sapphire Guhhhh. Honourable mention goes to Zelda: Minish Cap which would come in at a close 6th.
  17. Minish

    Becoming a vegetarian

    So yeah, after reading up a bit on how vegetarians don't actually miss that many nutrients (and also an absolutely horrifying factory farming video that scared the crap out of me), I've decided to finally become a vegetarian. ^^ I don't eat cheese or butter and I hate eggs, so I figured that I...
  18. Minish


    Because I'm curious! And previous threads on religion had crappy polls. ...not that mine is any better, feel free to yell at me if it looks stupid. It's actually really hard to make a poll on this. And I included neo-paganism because it's the biggest religion after the Big Six in the UK (if you...
  19. Minish

    Persona series Club

    Hi. :D I know there are a couple of Persona fans around on TCoD, so heyyy I decided to open a thread. I've just finished 4 myself (and adored it to pieces), and I'm now playing 3FES! I know there could be a club for the entire Shin Megami Tensei series, but seeing as only a handful of those...
  20. Minish

    Florence + the Machine

    Anyone else listen to her? :D Or rather, her and... assorted musicians who are meant to be 'the Machine', but yeah. Everyone was listening to her, and I was like 'bleh hype' until I actually decided to join them. Omg. <3! All of her music is gorgeous and eeeee! There must be some other fans...