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  1. Frostagin

    Hooo boy it's been a while

    Hey there guys! It's been.... A good four years since I've been on TCoD? I joined when I was twelveish, I'm pretty sure, but I figured since I've been gone for so long (and I'm older and more mature now) I may as well reintroduce myself, since people don't know me anyway. Hi there! I'm Mike...
  2. Frostagin

    Frostagin covers various songs on guitar!

    So I play guitar. Some of you may know that I've had a bass for a while, but my awesome grandpa got me a regular guitar and my dad's been teaching me things. Dad's also got a Pandora, which is a device that is kinda like a fancy amp that makes your playing sound like a certain person/band, or a...
  3. Frostagin

    SoundCloud problems?

    Er, so I'm trying to make a thread over in Other Creativity with my guitar playing, but SoundCloud is stupid and doesn't have any specific BB code players. So I suppose my question is, would I be able to use the direct HTML in my thread, or is there another way to do this? Or will I just need...
  4. Frostagin

    Frostagin's crazy songs and things as such~!

    So yeah, every once in a while I'll write a parody of a song, mostly Hetalia related, so I figure I'd post them here. :3 To start us off, here's a crazy product of my brain entitled: Sherlock's Marukaite Chikyuu Oy oy Mrs. Hudson, give me some tea. Oy oy John. Oy oy John. No matter what I do...
  5. Frostagin

    ACT Results

    Okay, this is long overdue, but I am so freaking happy about this that I have to share it. So a few months ago I took the ACT. I really don't need to take it yet, but. (I'm not as old as you might think.) And when the result came in, I got a 28. My score on the ACT was a 28. That was my dad's...
  6. Frostagin

    In Progress Supertalia

    Oh hey, Frostagin writes. NO WAI. Um, so these are actually on my DeviantART, so I'll just be linking. Here. Chapter 1 Chapter 2
  7. Frostagin

    Visual Boy Advance?

    Okay, first of all, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so please do move it if needed. Anyway, I'm looking for a place to download Visual Boy Advance, as I sadly don't have access to technology older than a DS Lite and my oldest game is LeafGreen. If someone could give me the link that...
  8. Frostagin

    Frostagin's Arts

    For seeing the things I doodle on paper and/or GIMP. All arts will be uploaded to this main post. So here's some stuff, details will be posted below the doodle. Found a picture of Blaze, drew over it to make my sonic fan character Dracaena.
  9. Frostagin

    Hi people of TCoD forums

    Hi. I'm Frostagin. I like anything related to Sonic the Hedgehog, Hetalia(Warning, is OBSESSED), dragons, Pokemon, and Doctor Who. I also like Percy Jackson and Greek myths in general. And Eureka. I love RPing and will likely end up joining so many it's not even funny. I listen to EVERY genre of...