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  1. magmavire

    Pokemon Unite

    How are people enjoying this game? Are people here playing it at all? It's certainly not the type of game I would typically expect Pokémon players to enjoy, but I've really liked it so far. It has a pretty low skill floor for a moba, and is very beginner friendly (because it's made with children...
  2. magmavire

    Back again

    After a three year hiatus(with some random appearances thrown into the middle), I'm back on tcod, for what is hopefully the last time. I plan on being a lot more active this time around, and a lot less like me from three years ago. Speaking of which, I would like to apologize to tcod as a whole...
  3. magmavire

    Hey, I saw that you started a thread for the yu-gi-oh fan club a while back, and was wondering...

    Hey, I saw that you started a thread for the yu-gi-oh fan club a while back, and was wondering if you played on dueling network.
  4. magmavire

    Borderlands 2

    I play on ps3. I'm level 28, and just finished the main story. i'm admittedly not very good, but I try to play for the team, and not hog the loot.
  5. magmavire

    Pokemon Online Usernames

    I almost always use "magmavire", and play in ou.
  6. magmavire

    I Have Returned.

    Hey dude I remember you. I suppose you'll be wanting some welcome back tea, and complimentary cod.
  7. magmavire

    Hey...Hi Im new

    hey welcome to the cave of dragonflies. Have some tea and cod, and please watch out for the carnivorous doormats. We don't need another lawsuit.
  8. magmavire

    I'm back

    Hey guys. I was on these forums for a while but left about two years ago. I've grown up a bit since then. I've gotten really into naruto. So umm yeah I'd like some sea creature and hot beverage.
  9. magmavire

    the anagram game

    A Tachycardias Adage Rein Howl Zits She is the craziest pscycopath to ever sail the seven seas in the seventeen seventies with a parrot on her shoulder a wooden arm and two eye patches that has five pokemon.
  10. magmavire

    Mamvire's suckish poetry

    Interlocking tree branches As if to represent Our friendship And we sit by the trees On the grass Looking to the sky's And seeing through the swirling clouds The blazing sun Sitting in the sky But suddenly it's night So we lay back To look at the stars They seem so distant And magical And...
  11. magmavire

    Mamvire's suckish poetry

    So yeah I have a poetry thread now that will get on everyone's nerves by next week. Curious Things I find it funny really How love seems to work You get all touchy feely And then begin to shirk All other things You'd care about normally It makes me want to scream How you act so formally The...
  12. magmavire

    First team

    Sorry for the double post my first one wasn't coming up.
  13. magmavire

    First team

    Ok so I've got magnezone moodest Ev's special attack,special defense sturdy zap cannon lock on flash cannon signal beam darmanitan adamant ev's in attack, speed sheer force earthquake rollout super power flame charge mamoswine now has avalanch and rock slide instead of hail and blizzard...
  14. magmavire

    First team

    So this is my first competitive team and I'd like some tips. Electivire Naughty Max ev's in hp and attack discharge earthquake ice punch cross chop magmortar sassy max ev in hp and special attack sunny day solar beam flame thrower thunderbolt Mamoswine impish max ev's in defense special...
  15. magmavire


    So I was just wondering if anyone actually goes on Pokemon.com.
  16. magmavire

    What kind of Poké Balls have you caught things in?

    Re: What kind of Poké Balls have you caught things in? I caught a ho-oh in a pokeball but it took a few days.
  17. magmavire

    Well that was rude ... but true.

    Well that was rude ... but true.
  18. magmavire

    the anagram game

    Basically one person post a sentence and the next poster turns it into an anagram and post their own sentence.I'll start it off I dance with monkeys.
  19. magmavire

    heatran is to a legendary.

    heatran is to a legendary.
  20. magmavire


    Me and tymer55 are having an argument and he insist that heatran is not a legendary so I was wondering just why is he.