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  1. Herbe

    i have like less than a week left of being a teenager

    My 20th birthday is coming up this Saturday so I'm 19 for a few days more. Basically, I'm thinking of this like I have 6 days left of numerically being a teenager. I've decided I am making my own website area/page and filling it with a bunch of stuff and seeing how it goes. Maybe I'll link it...
  2. Herbe

    Hamilton Musical Mafia 2021

    In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet, for just a moment, a yellow sky... Welcome to Hamilton Mafia: The Musical! Night 0 begins now, but please feel free to discuss in thread what time would be best for everyone for Day 1 start. Currently I would like to put it at 6 PM EST on Tuesday, but...
  3. Herbe

    let herbe draw a tarot card for you

    if u post in this thread i will draw a tarot card for you and upload a picture of it :3 and explain what it means if you want
  4. Herbe

    Hamilton: The Musical mafia signups

    Get ready guys. It's gonna be awesome. If you want funky role chaos hop on board. I'll make it work with whatever number of people sign up Familiarity with the musical isn't required to play. But it might give the game more depth
  5. Herbe

    Hamilton Mafia Redux interest check

    Hey y'all what's good what's good. So, my Hamilton Mafia redux brainstorm notes have been sitting on my laptop for a while and I got the urge to return to it today. This is gonna be kind of a role-madnessey game? if i understand what that means? some experimental elements, which may or may not...
  6. Herbe

    [In Progress]Growth: a trans Spider-Man fanfiction

    Prologue: I won't lie and say that this fic isn't escapism for me right now. This story is set before the events of Spiderman: Homecoming (and CA: Civil War to a point), but if they were already 16, almost 17, and stuff was a bit different.. I reserve my right to artistic liberties - it's not...
  7. Herbe

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

    Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Horizons! It's a cool, breezy afternoon on Teacod Island. From the Resident Services building, you hear a calming bell tune as the clock strikes 6 pm. What with all the friendly faces, lovely shops, and flourishing wildlife, you have to admit - you truly live in...
  8. Herbe

    I found Iron Man and Black Mamba 2 (???)

    I was googling "iron man 2 google drive" to see if I could find an upload of the movie and this popped up. I think it's a stop motion google drive fanfiction?????? See for yourself.... I kinda want to do a live reading/recording of this w ppl lmao...
  9. Herbe

    what foreign languages do you speak?

    just curious! i'm one of the run of the mill americans that's only fluent in english, although I plan on majoring in french and studying abroad to gain fluency! I've studied it for 3 years. my minor will be in linguistics, and i hope to study many more languages in college and beyond (like...
  10. Herbe

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia signups! [closed]

    Hello everybody, and welcome to your Deserted Island Getaway Package! Congratulations on making the jump and uprooting your life to come to this quaint little island, in the middle of nowhere, with no contact with the outside world! Please note that all sales are final on this trip, and no...
  11. Herbe

    Guess who's back. Same nerd different gender

    What's good y'all! I'm so glad to see this place active again. So, I was first on the forum in like, 2015, and went by Lilycolo. (Whoops. Didn't know that if I put my "real" name in there, it would eventually be my deadname. My bad.) Loved it for what felt like forever. Definitely one of the...
  12. Herbe

    Back from hiatus

    Gosh, I miss this place. My computer broke and I didn't have a laptop all last year... and now its been almost a full year since I logged on? Surprised I still remembered the password... Anyway, I figure since a lot has changed in a year for me (I honestly wouldn't recognize younger me if I...
  13. Herbe

    [WANTED] Ponyta / Rapidash

    Just a regular old Ponyta or Rapidash. Can't find them in X/Y. Thanks! edit: nevermind! I got one off the GTS. If anyone wants a breedject 5IV Ponyta lemme know!
  14. Herbe

    Requests Open Lilycolo's Sprite Shope Galore

    I like to sprite. A lot! But I'm still an amateur. Note I can only work with b/w sprites or lower because I'm inexperienced with the 3d textures, sorry! *note that I am a major procrastinator if I have a ton, so I'll only be actively working on 3 requests at a time please! Also one request per...
  15. Herbe

    Metallica Fanboy vs. Keldeo

    Metallica Fanboy vs Keldeo Metallica Fanboy's active squad igglybuff Daremyth the female Igglybuff <Cute Charm> @ Moon Stone skorupi Scorpicore the female Skorupi <Sniper> @ Lansat Berry shieldon Fort the male Shieldon <Sturdy> @ Jaboca Berry totodile Good Croc the male Totodile <Torrent> @...
  16. Herbe

    Hello, Salut, Hola, Coi, and all that!

    Hi! My W2 turned me into a pokemon fanatic, and I happened to stumble upon this website. I'm not very good at small talk, but hello anyway! I also like hello kitty anything. I am studying French, but I do very poorly. (I also have dabbled in Lojban, but all the apostrophes scared me away.)