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  1. shiny jiggly

    Jello and the Valley of Duh

    Yo, shinyjiggly here. I've been working on a game featuring my pokesona for like, ten years and it's finally complete! I figured y'all would wanna play it since a lot of the earlier content was inspired from hanging around here when I was in highschool and middle school. Here it is! The game...
  2. shiny jiggly

    Just rambling, I suppose. Haha.

    I'm feeling this in this chili's tonight. Like, I hardly posted back then, but it still felt like home. Seeing how quiet it is nowadays is a bit somber, but it's still worth it to look back at the years gone past. This was the first message board I ever signed up for, and the memories I'll...
  3. shiny jiggly

    How many nipples, fingers, and toes do you have?

    Everything is standard except for my toes. I only have two toes total due to amputation. I have a fake leg on the other side that has all five rubber toes though.
  4. shiny jiggly


    If I remember correctly, you're supposed to remove the META-INF file to get a mod to work. And btw, 1.6 added tall grass (though you can't grow it and it only appears in newly generated chunks). Today I took a trip to the desert to gather a large amount of sand and let me tell you, that was a...
  5. shiny jiggly

    Objection! (Ace Attorney fan-club, take 2).

    Count me in! I don't read that much fanfiction, but I've found a pretty good one. It's basically about Manfred von Karma breaking out of jail and exacting his revenge. There's also a large focus on Franzie and Edgey. Here it is. This is not for the faint of heart because it involve violence and...
  6. shiny jiggly


    If I have the ingredients and some sort of idea, I can cook some pretty good stuff. I can do steak, cream of mushroom porkchops, grilled cheese and tomato soup, mac n cheese, healthy top ramen, eggs and bacon, pancakes, spaghetti, hamburger helper (and anything else out of a box with...
  7. shiny jiggly

    Pokémon Black and White

    Re: Pokémon Black and White Right now I'm in Nimbasa city and I've been taking my time (seriously, there are so many people at my school that have already beaten the game and I got it on the release date!). My team is: Cobble (Boldore) level 28 (this guy was the only thing that go me though...
  8. shiny jiggly

    Is it weird for a girl to propose to a guy?

    Personally, I would have no problems with proposing to a man if I actually found the right one for me (I don't really have any intentions of ever getting married or getting into a relationship but that's a little off-topic) But I would think up something creative besides the...
  9. shiny jiggly

    Pokémon Black and White

    Re: Pokémon Black and White I picked up Black today. I'm playing it right now. IT IS SO AWESOME. How did they cram so much awesomeness onto one game card? The only thing mildly confusing for me is the menu. But other than that, everything is awesome. Lillipup is so cuuuute!
  10. shiny jiggly

    Your first kiss?

    I was like, 8 or something and it was my dad's ex-ex-ex-girlfriend's son who I kissed. We were bored and wanted to know what it was like. It was disgusting because he had been eating peanut M&M's right before. We also melted some plastic alien toys with a lighter a couple minutes later...
  11. shiny jiggly

    Chewbacca Defense Debate Thread

    The hot sauce in my macaroni ruined the flavor of the cheese and the Saiyans did nothing to help me. What kind of warrior doesn't help out with culinary mishaps? NONE! Also, I'm wearing two shirts right now. Flossing your teeth is supposed to be good for your health.
  12. shiny jiggly

    Pokémon Black and White

    Re: Pokémon Black and White Tomorrow I'll be able to pick up my pre-order of Black from the game store! It's going to be so awesome!
  13. shiny jiggly

    How did you become a Pokémon?

    Re: How did you become a Pokémon? I ate a bad jelly bean and passed out. When I woke up, I was fuzzy, round, and covered in my now oversized clothes. That jelly bean was pretty nasty too.
  14. shiny jiggly

    General Christmas Wishlist Thread

    I kinda want a keyboard. Preferably with a headphone jack and midi cables. I also want my parents to buy Minecraft for me since I can't buy anything online without any plastic (no, I don't have a debit card either). Other than that, some fabric and some clothing patterns should be sufficient...
  15. shiny jiggly

    Not really. But I see that you welcomed me here back in 2008. I'm sorry about my lack of memory...

    Not really. But I see that you welcomed me here back in 2008. I'm sorry about my lack of memory. I've just been so inactive here due to working on an RPG Maker game, chatting with friends over Skype, being a member of a couple other message boards, sewing stuff, drawing stuff, and playing new...
  16. shiny jiggly

    The Terrible Crossover Fanfic Idea Generator

    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Star Wars and Bill Nye the Science Guy. The story should use martial arts as a plot device! Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Sex and the City and Phoenix Wright. The story should use legalizing gay marriage as a...
  17. shiny jiggly

    DS decision

    I've had a phat for a couple years now and it hasn't broken yet. The only things I don't like is that the headphone jack is in a strange spot that makes some headphones only fit enough for mono and the fact that new styluses don't fit in the stylus holder. I still haven't found a place that...
  18. shiny jiggly

    Edit Much?

  19. shiny jiggly

    Suicide Game! =D

    I don't know what a nalgene is so I go insane and jump off a cliff. I drop a Popsicle.
  20. shiny jiggly

    tCOD - a sexy place

    The filters at my school are pretty cool because they're all controlled by the techies in the computer lab. We can go to pretty much any site that we want with only a couple obvious ACCESS DENIEDs popping up for the teachers on occasions. We even have Facebook unblocked (though this is only...