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  1. Negrek

    NaNoWriMon Testing

    Okay, so it sounds like the eevee worked fine... still not sure what that other person was having trouble with. Hopefully they reply to my post with more details. =/ That is a problem, though! I'll look into it, thanks. And thanks for being so thorough with your testing!
  2. Negrek

    NaNoWriMon Testing

    Awesome! And yeah, the idea is just to try using the tool like usual. Right now I'm just concerned with whether people have any problems with the creation process; since nobody can actually get any words right now, I can only do limited spoof tests of the actual evolution, and once November...
  3. Negrek

    NaNoWriMon Testing

    Iiiiit's that time of year again! I made some major changes to my "NaNoWriMon" word widgets, and I was wondering whether anyone would be willing to make a couple of test ones to see if they're working okay? You will need an account on the official NaNo site and to have entered a novel for this...