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  1. audrey729

    Musics that sound like each other

    Ooooh Ice Ice baby and Under Pressure.
  2. audrey729

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Re: What's Your Favorite Pokémon? Alakazam. Easily. But mostly because I had a giant typo mistake in LeafGreen, I was trying to name my abra "Abracadabra" but I accidentally put in Abracadabt. Additionally, I realized that "Abracadabra" does not fit the spacing allowed.
  3. audrey729

    Favorite Pokémon of Each Type

    Re: Favorite Pokémon of Each Type
  4. audrey729


    Hello, I haven't been on in a while either... Kung Fu Ferret can probably tell you.
  5. audrey729

    Lie About the Above Poster

    Is dead inside. Oh wait is that true? Has a life.
  6. audrey729

    Tell Me Something That's...

    They have moss growing on them. Tell me something about Echidnas
  7. audrey729

    Rename the Above Poster!

    Kung Fu parrot
  8. audrey729

    Edit the post above you

    I don't understand this...
  9. audrey729

    The silence game

    "tries to procrastinate on homework. Wait. I don't have to try."
  10. audrey729

    TCoD creates a post.

  11. audrey729

    Favorite Pokemon Cities!

    Celadon. I don't know why, but probably because it's one of the only names I actually REMEMBER.
  12. audrey729

    Vending Machine Game

    Out comes a singing duck that's waddling. In goes Rainbowdash
  13. audrey729

    Edit the post above you

    The rock people are crunchy. Like Oreos, I bet
  14. audrey729

    You're Banned

    Banned because... Harambe is an old meme
  15. audrey729

    Trump's first week in office.

    Because of him blocking refugees from the Middle East, one of my good friends had a family member with trouble coming over here. It was his Uncle's wife's mom (his Aunt's mom). She had to cancel her flight over here originally, because of the executive orders that Trump used. Luckily, they let...
  16. audrey729

    Requests Open Sprites!

    Okay, I've made Halloween Scyther. I was going for a Jack O'Lantern look:
  17. audrey729

    Requests Open Sprites!

    I'll try a Halloween Scyther
  18. audrey729

    [OPEN] Alola, Sun/Moon Choice Mafia

    I'll be Zygarde 10% form
  19. audrey729

    1,000 Things not to do on an airplane

    92. Kill a pumpkin.
  20. audrey729

    You're Banned

    Banned because I don't like Ekans