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  1. The Suicune

    Happy times:) Ghd's and town hockey team :)

    Happy time people, happy times :) First up, this happened ages ago but I forgot to post. I got on the town U13's Hockey Team :) To be honest I never thought I was that good but, apparently I'm better than I thought I was to get on the town team. Secondly, I'm finally getting some ghds...
  2. The Suicune

    Suggestions The Suicune's Noob Sprites.

    I'm a newb at Sprites :sweatdrop: Absol and Ninetales, splice. Suicune and Skitty (old). I will get more done :sweatdrop:
  3. The Suicune

    Yet another Snow thread!

    It's snowing outside <(._.^) :grin:
  4. The Suicune

    It's Christmas where I am now <3

    Yay! As of 3:05AM this morning, I am first up on the street for 12 years running <3 I'm not alowwed to go downstairs to open my presents 'til 6AM, and now it's only 4 :dead: So, er, Merry Christmas xD
  5. The Suicune

    I'm a Ruler of the Universe? Yay =D

    I am now the 1255th new Ruler of the Universe =D Isn't that lovely? You check is out here~ http://dragonflycave.com/rulers.aspx I also got an image for a reward aswell =D :sweatdrop:
  6. The Suicune

    My Amv :D It's finished =D

    Seriously, I'm sick of the song now after 2 weeks of constant "The heart never lies", but it's my second, and best. Just proud :D I reused one clip so much it hurt. But there's very little noticable SoraxKairi moments that fit the music. Testing out my skills, and I found out, I haffs some. So...
  7. The Suicune

    OMG! I'm getting Phoenix Wright...

    ...Next Wednesday. I hope it's still there, it's been at the shop awhile. I was going to get it on Saturday but I wast £2 short. So I got Ratchet and Clank instead. But it was broke, so My mother took it back for me and Phoenix Wright was still there. So, for some bizzare reason I'm getting...
  8. The Suicune

    How to confuse an idiot

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=m8Ka3N_3B8o I died laughing!
  9. The Suicune

    Teeside Mohawks came to my school today ^.^

    The basketball team came to visit my school today. First 2 periods they were having a match against the Staff, they drew 40-40 :D And we got some coaching aswell. Everyone fancied 10 and 6. I got my arm signed by 10, 6 and 13. Twas shawsome.
  10. The Suicune

    ;.; New Forums?

    So yeah, I'm back. And being the dummy I was not even thinking to check the front page and just jumped to the forums. I wondered why my account was gone and nearly sent Poor Butterfree this email "I went to log in today into my account (Thesuicune). It didn't log in so I clicked that I'd forgot...