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  1. Wobbles

    There may be hope for him yet.

    Alrighty, see, my step-brother, is a non-nerdy type (doesn't really play Pokemon, or yugioh, or anything similar.) But, recently my friend got him into yugioh (he and I set up a deck each and dueled a couple times.) And I've convinced him to come to an anime club party that's going on the...
  2. Wobbles

    Spoooooooooooooky Mansion

    Well, as some know, yesterday, the US (at least) got a new area in the Dream World, known as the Spooky Mansion. It has primarily Ghost and Psychic types, including Wobbuffet! :D (I know the ability sucks, but hey, Wobbuffet are awesome anyway, right?) Anyway, what are your guys' thoughts on the...
  3. Wobbles

    PC or 3DS?

    Well, I believe that I'm in a predicament, tcod. I've been planning to save up for a 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: OoT 3D, a good case, and Pilotwings for a good $360 or so. Today, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, and I mentioned it. He said that he would help me build a gaming PC, and gave...
  4. Wobbles

    2.B.A. Master!

    Browsing through a Nuzlocke blog... Found this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WeKhkdu-3k&list=PL0B6CC1047F93B28A Anyone else headbanging to this?
  5. Wobbles

    New Nintendo Console!

    Alright, as some know, Nintendo will be unveiling "Project Cafe" at E3 this year. Here's the question... Wanna watch? At 9:00 PDT, Nintendo will be hosting a LIVE video of their new console unveiling. Here's the place.
  6. Wobbles

    'Tis a Shiny!

    Okay, so I'm grinding up my Emboar in the Giant Chasm... And I get into the umpteenth double battle. It's a Solrock and a Metang, typical, right? Wrong! The Solrock was Shiny! I was checking it's moves afterwards, and noticed that it had Explosion... I have no clue how lucky I am... EDIT: To...