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  1. Lil Kuchiki

    (OOC) Bleach: Arrancar de la Arena

    Link to RP Thread The sand of Hueco Mundo silently creeps along, riding on the currents of wind. The ruins of Las Noches still remain, 35 years after Lord Aizen’s defeat. No longer do Hollows wander underground. They now congregate at the ruins, to be united under their leader, and even the...
  2. Lil Kuchiki

    Urgshurgurulurg, the header

    Hi~ I'm Lil Kuchiki, I like RPing, and I love Bleach, aaaaaand not much else that interesting, I guess. The usual. I was prowling around, and these forums look like they have some fun RPs and stuff. I looked at ASB for all of about three minutes before I was completely, totally lost. Oh, swell.