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  1. ZimD

    Your Sex Life In Pokemon Moves

    seems self-explanatory mine would be as such: growth arm thrust arm thrust arm thrust string shot minimize
  2. ZimD

    Yay I have a functional laptop again.

    My laptop's screen crapped out due to a defect several months ago so my sister and mom took it up to Best Buy like 3-ish weeks ago, and Best Buy sent it out to Hewlett-Packard to fix it under our warranty. But somewhere in that process my charger was lost, so when my laptop came in the mail it...
  3. ZimD


    So Survivor is pretty much the best TV show ever, and it is rockin' its way into season 24 currently. Anybody else watching this season or watch this show in general? Personally I have been loving the first three weeks of this season compared to the last two. The last two were completely boring...
  4. ZimD

    Pokemon Name Game III

    Well, you all know the deal - post a Pokemon that starts with the last letter of the one immediately preceding it ("Electabuzz" could be followed by "Zapdos", then "Shroomish", and so on). I'll just pick up exactly where I left off, with Lumineon!
  5. ZimD


    Which do you think is the best? I adore all 3 varieties, but my favorite as of right now has to be Mini M&M's. But what about you?
  6. ZimD

    my birthday was actually yesterday

    but i forgot to make a thread it was uneventful but nice, i got 40 bucks and a laptop a few weeks ago as an early present
  7. ZimD

    hurt 'n' heal

    alright so here's the deal. first poster (in this case me but we'll get to that later!) posts a list of 8-12 things which all fit a common theme, like starter pokemon or movies or colors or whatever. each one starts with 100 points. on your turn you "hurt" one by subtracting TEN points from it...
  8. ZimD


    pretty self-explanatory. i hate twilight because it's a horrible book and worse movie, but i am still hardcore team jacob, primarily due to the fact that he is not edward cullen and i am team anything if it is the opposite of edward cullen. you don't have to like twilight to vote in the poll...
  9. ZimD

    this is my third introduction thread

    so a few months ago i posted a "guess what im back" thread (http://forums.dragonflycave.com/showthread.php?t=9053) but then within a few days of that my sister broke the family computer by downloading a torrent of classical piano music off the pirate bay without checking the comments or...
  10. ZimD

    Survivor 20: Heroes VS Villains

    Anyone else catch the season premier of this two nights ago? I did and I thought it was fantastic. VILLAINS TRIBE FTW Who are you rooting for to win? I know the final 5 but I'm not posting it since I know some people HATE spoilers. PM me if you want to know it. Regardless of the people who I...
  11. ZimD

    i am like 100% sure that the majority of you do not remember me

    some of you do but the majority don't so please, allow me to introduce myself. i'm a man of wealth and taste. i've been around for a long long year i suppose that i'll start off with a brief history of my time on this website, since i'm certain at least a few people wonder when i was on here...
  12. ZimD


    At the very instant that I post this, my Sapphire game which I adore will officially have 600 hours of play time. I've played it more than any other game I own, it's the only game I've never restarted, I've come closer to National Dex completion on it than any other game (330/382 caught, 338...
  13. ZimD

    Holy shit

    Okay so someone rang the doorbell like five minutes ago. My sister went to answer it, and there was a package from our dad who lives in Massachusetts. Inside of it, there were four envelopes. One for my mom, one for my sister, one for my brother, and one for me. I opened mine, and my dad sent...
  14. ZimD

    Another snow day thread

    We got a lot of snow, so I didn't have school today, and today was the last day of school before winter break, so I don't have school for two more weeks! Yayyy~
  15. ZimD

    The Clue Game

    Well this thread used to be here and it helped me a lot so I'm bringing it back. For anybody who doesn't know what the clue game is, click here and prepare to get frustrated. Basically this thread is just for helping anybody who is stuck and getting help if you're stuck. I just FINALLY got 10...
  16. ZimD

    Weirdest evolution

    Bringing back this topic. What evolutions do you think are the weirdest? I've always thought Carvahna to Sharpedo, Dragonite to Dragonair, and Charmeleon to Charizard were pretty weird, along with others I just can't think of right now.
  17. ZimD

    Probopass fan club!

    Only like two people joined this last time, and it'll probably be the same now, but oh well! RULES: 1. No insulting Probopass. 2. Don't be mean to anybody else. This is a place for love of Probopass and nothing else. Member list: Zim Del Invasor The Quicker Picker-Upper Nimravus Crazy...
  18. ZimD

    The LGBT Club

    This got destroyed so I'm re-making it. Uh... yay? I don't remember the rules, but just don't be mean to anyone or anything. I guess just act as if this was the old one. Member list: Zim Del Invasor Dragon_night Sireafi Jolty Dannichu NWT Gardevoir Girl OrngSumb Timmy AuroraKing Mhaladie...
  19. ZimD

    I never got my birthday thread, so I'm making it.

    It was my birthday on the 23rd, which was Monday. I wasn't able to get my birthday thread I had been waiting for, so I'll just make it. Happy late birthday to me! =D
  20. ZimD

    The header is evil.

    The header didn't go away before, so I'm reintroducing myself again. I doubt any of you reading this knew me, but I don't care. There isn't really anything about me to say. So... Bye.