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  1. Blaziking the God General

    The world ends on Saturday

    I think it's rather inconvenient since I have finals in about a month.
  2. Blaziking the God General

    Mafia 2: The Sequel [Night 2]

    Okie dokie, here we go. -Nights last for 24 hours -Days last for 48 hours or until a verdict is reached -Failure to post two days in a row will get you killed -Failure to send in night actions two nights in a row (for those who have night actions) will get you killed -Take nothing for granted...
  3. Blaziking the God General

    Mafia 2: The Sequel [Secret Roles]

    The mafia were victorious, and they were overjoyed at their wonderful victory. They went to sleep happy. The next day, suddenly, everyone was alive again, and they could all do new and interesting things. They all sighed, realizing that it was not yet over. OH HI. So since I'm discovering that...
  4. Blaziking the God General

    Mafia: The Game [MAFIA WIN]

    Role PM's have been sent out. If you did not get one, tell me and I will give you a role. Anyways, rules: 1. Anyone who is inactive during day discussions for 2 days in a row will be killed for inactivity. 2. Daytime discussion will last for 48 hours, or until a majority is reached. 3. Night...
  5. Blaziking the God General

    Mafia: The Game [CLOSED]

    Hola. I've decided to make another mafia game, this time with secret roles that are all covered by this useful little index here. It's going to be a bit experimental, as in I've never done a game like this with roles I've never had before, but it will be good, I assure you. I'd say that this...
  6. Blaziking the God General

    In Progress The Marvelous Epoch of a Champion (An unconventional fanfic in technicolor)

    Alright, this is a story for NaNoWriMo 2010, and it's interesting enough that I'll probably continue with it after the month is over. It's a little sloppy now, I admit, but I will be going over to revise it once, well, November is over. The plot is...well it's a Trainer Fic but it is by no...
  7. Blaziking the God General

    Planned Teams for Black and White?

    YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. :P Especially with a game filled with Level 59 evolving Pokemon and level-based experience gaining! :D So anyways, I'll get the ball rolling. Narwotter because its awesome and its stats are rather balanced. Old Yeller because I want an early-early game Pokemon. And I...
  8. Blaziking the God General

    Live Action Pokemon movie?

    What the fuck. Part of me wants this to be real but the other part of me is telling me to shut up because it looks retarded. ...I think its probably fake. Thoughts? (Mods move this anywhere else it might need to go. I put it in the anime section because films are somewhat similar to it...
  9. Blaziking the God General

    The Bad People Who Kill People in an Evil Manner [Complete]

    Okay, so this is just a little introductory post as to how things will go from here on out. -Yeah, it hasn't been 48 hours yet, but 48 hours is ample time for night actions. If you didn't get your night actions, you have learned your lesson. -From here on out, all nights will be 24 hours...
  10. Blaziking the God General

    NaNoWriMo 2010

    Yes there's still about two whole months left until it starts but its never too early to start thinking about it! To the people who read this and are thinking "what the hell is a nanowrimo?": NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) takes place in November of every year. In that 30 day period...
  11. Blaziking the God General

    [CLOSED] The Bad People Who Kill People in an Evil Manner

    Dawn breaks over the wonderful little town of Blargindale. People bustle about to their day to day boring lives, whether it involves work or school or drug induced hallucinations. Unfortunately, all that soon comes to an end when a mysterious note shows up at the Town Hall that alerts people...
  12. Blaziking the God General

    Let's Play Final Fantasy V!

    As many of you know, I was forced to euthanize my Pokemon Emerald LP after my computer ate My Bitch, Rufies, Kam, and others. But I did enjoy the whole process of making an LP so I decided to do a video LP of Final Fantasy V! YAY! But then the video was terrible and the narration was terrible...
  13. Blaziking the God General

    I need good books

    I haven't read for fun in a very long time, and now I kind of want to again, but the problem is that I don't know what to read. I like to read suspenseful and plot twisty books, and any very comedic books. Really, I'll read almost anything, as long as its good. Any recommendations?
  14. Blaziking the God General


    What are your opinions on shorts? Personally, I prefer jeans, but in the summertime shorts make for a nice alternative.
  15. Blaziking the God General

    DS decision

    Recently, my DS Lite has been falling apart on me. The L and R buttons only work when I breathe into the cracks, and the A and down buttons are beginning to become annoying (I have to press them pretty hard in order to get some sort of decent response from them). Right now, I'm considering...
  16. Blaziking the God General


    Anyone else here love Lost? 'Tis possible my favorite show. For those of you who don't know, it's an awesome show that's just simply filled to the brim with mindfuck. And if you haven't seen it yet, do so. Now. BUT ANYWAYS it's an awesome show and it deserves a thread, methinks.
  17. Blaziking the God General

    Let's Play Pokemon Emerald! (Canceled due to computer failure)

    Due to me having too much time over the summer, I have decided to occupy myself with a picture LP of Pokemon Emerald. Like in most LP's, the audience (you people) will be able to choose certain things. You will be able to decide upon the names for the Pokemon and the name of the character. I'm...
  18. Blaziking the God General

    I have exciting news

    Well. It's my 15th birthday. :D
  19. Blaziking the God General

    Contests, or Pokeathlon?

    The question is simple, which do you like more? R/S/E contests, D/P/Pt contests, or the Pokeathlon? They're both small little sidequests that can amount to hours upon hours of gameplay time, if you're dedicated. And I put D/P/Pt and R/S/E contests seperate because, to me at least, they're very...
  20. Blaziking the God General

    The Chrono Trigger/Cross club

    Basically for discussing the two great games called Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. :) I've been playing Chrono Trigger for at least a year now, since I have the DS version, and I just began playing Chrono Cross the other day. Who else thinks that these two games, or at least one of them, are...