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  1. Dewgong

    i guess i'm back?

    had a sudden urge and kinda missed being here. it's sure been a while.
  2. Dewgong


    sorry if one of these has already been made but... what are you guys going to be for halloween? any plans? i'm curious.
  3. Dewgong


    kitty. i got a kitty today. she's so cute... she seems to enjoy that corner of the room. more picture are coming as soon as she does something cute, too. no name though, and i'm not open for suggestions. i wanna think of something myself. names for pets mean more if i think it up myself...
  4. Dewgong

    Shower Questions :D

    What kind of shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, etc. do you use? How often do you shower? Do you have a special routine during your shower? ...Just curious.
  5. Dewgong

    Early Birthday Present

    I got a brand new computer for my early birthday present. It's pretty cool. Big 22" flatscreen monitor, fills the whole top part of my desk. I'm working on moving all my files, reinstalling programs I need, and setting preferences. I'm so excited, that I can't be bothered to act like I am.
  6. Dewgong

    Language Barrier in Music

    Ha, I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but doesn't it bother you when people disregard music as total crap because it's not in their language? I've had people at my school tell me that my music is not real music, because it wasn't in English. In fact, I've had people at my school tell...
  7. Dewgong


    How often do you see a post from me in here? Not very. It's a long story of how it happened, and I don't feel like explaining because I'm too hyper to type properly. I have a boyfriend. :D ...To describe him, he's really short (like 4' 8")... has blond and hair and green eyes, and is really...
  8. Dewgong

    If you could live wherever you wanted...

    I would live in Seattle with Vee. :3 How about you?
  9. Dewgong


    Sweeeet Bamboo tablet. My daddy got it for me because Tabby broke. His name is Umai. Yeah, slightly inspired by Death Note because of the LMN thing. (Also, Umai means many things, but the name is to mean "delicious"). TUV. Tabby > Umai > ? The next tablet's name will start with a V. Tabby...
  10. Dewgong


    Yes this thread is total spam But Happy New Years guys I wanted to post a thread right at midnight
  11. Dewgong

    Pokemon Memorial Thread

    Remove this if we weren't suppose to have another one, or if somebody else already did. I looked around. This thread is for remembering the Pokemon you've lost from accidentally saving a new game, not taking the cartridge out of your pocket before the washing machine etc. -- Pokemon Crystal...
  12. Dewgong

    Naruto Fanclub

    Oh yes. We all waited for it. Me and my buddy are starting it back up, I guess a lot of people liked it. So listen to what Darksong(It was really late, I'm sorry...) and I say, we are authority. :) Nn, a little rule about spoilers, assuming we have people here who don't want things spoiled...
  13. Dewgong


    We're going to buy two little Netherland Dwarf Rabbits sometime next month. I'm thinking of names. So yeah, I'm kind of excited for those. :3
  14. Dewgong

    Signature Line (I don't know if that's what it's called)

    Is there any way to get rid of that line that denotes the signature is starting? It's really annoying, and I'm sure you can't, and if you can, I'm sure it says that somewhere obvious right in front of my face.
  15. Dewgong

    Miku stuff finally came

    It's amazing, better than I expected... All hand-made by a very skilled person. x__x Seriously, it's amazing, I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow.
  16. Dewgong

    Transparancy Question

    I have absolutely no clue where this goes, move it if needed. I was drawing, and I really should have drawn it with a transparent background to begin with, but I didn't... I need This to be transparent, because I want to use it in my signature, (I drew it), but without that stupid white...
  17. Dewgong

    Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru~ :D

    Failing at thread titles, I don't care~ I finially ordered that really expensive Hatsune Miku outfit thing (comes with every little minor detail and every accesory she has), and a giant wig in the perfect color that I'm going to put in pigtails, and it drags on the floor it's too big but I love...
  18. Dewgong

    Thing for my friend's birthday FINISHED

    http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w46/newafc/DSCN1337.jpg WITH WRITING: http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w46/newafc/DSCN1339.jpg So what do you guys think?
  19. Dewgong

    A guy...

    ...About a week ago, I had given a note this person. I really fell in love with him, and he pretty much ignored me. Although this week, he's been actually saying hi to me with the most beautiful smile. He's amazing. So after school, while waiting in the grass for the school buses to come, he...
  20. Dewgong

    Hatsune Miku Cosplay

    Well guys. I'm doing it. Any advice? I sorta don't know how to start, but I really want to do this... Anybody good with cosplay related things? God, I need help. xD So far, I've got shoes.