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  1. Aletheia

    Coloursfall vs. TruetoCheese

    Coloursfall vs TruetoCheese Coloursfall's active squad squirtle Jacob the male Squirtle <Torrent> riolu Finn the male Riolu <Steadfast> @ Soothe Bell aipom Kusa the female Aipom <Pickup> metang Sputnik the genderless Metang <Clear Body> @ Iron Plate grimer Hexxus the male Grimer <Sticky Hold> @...
  2. Aletheia

    Bluberry Bat vs. I liek Squirtles

    Bluberry Bat vs I liek Squirtles Bluberry Bat's Active Pokés lucario Anastasia (♀) Ability: Inner Focus Item:Expert Belt vaporeon Vivian (♀) Ability: Water Absorb Item: Leftovers snivy Terra (♀) Ability: Contrary Item: Sachet larvesta Malika (♀) Ability: Flame Body Item: Exp. Share...
  3. Aletheia

    Totodile vs. Flareth

    Totodile's Active Pokés Sobek (♂) Ability: Torrent Item: Mystic Water Sekhmet (♀) Ability: Intimidate Item: Shuca Berry Camazotz (♀) Ability: Inner Focus Ganymede (♂) Ability: Trace Item: Dawn Stone Anput (♀) Ability: Inner Focus Baí Zé (♂) Ability: Super Luck Item: Razor Claw Hel (♀)...
  4. Aletheia

    The Omskivar vs. I liek Squirtles

    The Omskivar's Active Pokés Gertrude (♀) Ability: Overgrow Item: Cheri Berry Grockle (♂) Ability: Swift Swim Item: Leaf Stone Hephaestus (♂) Ability: White Smoke Item: Pecha Berry Dagmar (♀) Ability: Flame Body The Silver Bullet (♂) Ability: Guts Rerun (♂) Ability: Static Item: Chesto...
  5. Aletheia

    "I'm Back" Thread No. 47

    it turns out I left TCoDf in the middle of a mafia game. I offer my sincerest apologies to everyone involved this is like my 25th introduction thread and my "return" will probably last a few hours at most but I just thought I'd come around and see what my friends of old have been up to, etc...
  6. Aletheia

    The Return of the King

    I believe this is my fourth topic in this section I don't particularly see myself actually becoming active on this forum again, but I've felt strangely drawn to it lately as I looked back on all the ways I've grown (this is kind of a loaded term since it implies positivity? hm) in the past year...
  7. Aletheia


    I guess I'm "back" for a second time! and in October again, too. what a fucking coincidence. so I guess some things have happened in the six months I was absent! I am no longer into Homestuck but I am into Mass Effect; I regularly enjoy roleplaying; I have a girlfriend. I guess there's not...
  8. Aletheia

    Aletheia Reloaded

    alright so seeing as it's almost the two-year anniversary of me joining this place I thought I'd try to get into posting here again?? I doubt anyone has actually missed me but yes hello I am SomeGuy/Star69/Aletheia! I like Homestuck now
  9. Aletheia

    Old English Wikipedia.

    I can't even. Their neologisms are pretty impressive.
  10. Aletheia

    guys look it's my birthday

    wow I never post
  11. Aletheia

    Oh hey guys it's my birthday

    So yeah. I'm 14 today. My gifts include a flash drive with the Great and Powerful on it, this shirt WHICH I LOVE SO MUCH SQUEEEEE, and pumpkin pie. I love me some pumpkin pie. Good show, I'd say. You may now reflect on how much better the world has been made by my presence.
  12. Aletheia


    YOU MAY HUG MY KNEES AND KISS ME NOW, LOYAL FOLLOWERS, FOR YOUR KING HAS NOT FORSAKEN YOU ... A-anyways. Hello again, world of Cod. I kind of disappeared in... early August? Late July? I dunno. But yeah. I'm back. Partially because I missed you guys, partially because I want to be hear for mah...
  13. Aletheia

    SomeGuy Attempts to Write a Poem

    This is a little free verse style thing that came to me at 5 A.M. yesterday when I couldn't sleep. I was experimenting with some phrases and then all of a sudden I was putting together verses and then I had this... thing. Note that I have paid exactly zero attention to rhyme, meter, or stanza...
  14. Aletheia

    Melodic Harmony vs. Omskivar

    Melodic Harmony's Active Basic Pokés charmander Sekitan Iki (♀) Ability: Blaze deerling Tsuri Taishi (♀) Ability: Sap Sipper Item: Razor Claw drilbur Akushitsuna Mojin (♂) Ability: Sand Force poliwag Okori Yasui (♂) Ability: Water Absorb Omskivar's Active Basic Pokés treecko Gertie (♀)...
  15. Aletheia

    Darksong vs. Mad MOAI

    Darksong's Active Squad venipede Pandora (♀) Ability: Poison Point piplup Prince (♂) Ability: Torrent aerodactyl Sunaero (♀) Ability: Pressure cubone Echo (♀) Ability: Lightningrod glameow Rosie (♀) Ability: Limber zangoose Ling (♂) Ability: Immunity Mad MOAI's Active Squad weavile Lust...
  16. Aletheia

    RespectTheBlade vs. Silver

    RespectTheBlade's Active Squad dratini Drake (♂) Ability: Shed Skin Item: Draco Plate kirlia Sir Galahad (♂) Ability: Synchronize Item: Dawn Stone pawniard Checkmate (♂) Ability: Defiant Item: Scope Lens litwick Mona Lisa (♀) Ability: Flash Fire elgyem Mulder (♂) Ability: Analytic deino...
  17. Aletheia

    Mawile vs. Cypher

    Cypher's Evolution Item-holding Active Squad snivy Esther (♂) Ability: Overgrow, Flash Fire Item: Magmarizer Mawile's Evolution Item-holding Active Squad kirlia Leo (♂) Ability: Trace, Item: Dawn Stone growlithe Becquerel (♂) Ability: Flash Fire Item: Fire Stone IIIIIT'S SHOWTIME! May the...
  18. Aletheia

    So Apparently I Can Draw

    Here's some map-type things I drew. Some are from '08, some from '09. Welp, let's get this train-wreck a-rollin'! This one involves Ancient Egypt. Italy Rome American imperialism w00t! Early colonialism in North America, I've been told. Mexican-American conflicts. Or, as I unbiasedly refer to...
  19. Aletheia

    Philosophical Thoughts

    I'm sure we all have them from time to time. I thought it'd be interesting just to share them. So, yeah. Post any substantial thoughts about life, the universe, and everything. That you have. I have a medium-sized collection in my journal but I'm too lazy to post it right now :unsure:
  20. Aletheia

    Clefairy Says

    This is the one thing I remember most from Pokemon Stadium. A minigame called Clefairy Says, where you play as a Clefairy in some sort of class taught by an evil maniac. Memorize the button sequences. Mess up and you will be hit with a squeaky hammer. Get hit four times and your Clefairy will...