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  1. Hiikaru

    Emotional Needs

    So, according to Willard F. Harley (this marriage counsellor guy), every person has something that Harley calls a "love bank". When you make "deposits" in someone's love bank (like complimenting them, hugging them, giving them cookies, whatever), they love you more. You can also make withdrawals...
  2. Hiikaru

    Math Thread

    Look, a math thread! So, what do you think of math? Are you good at it? What's your favourite (or least favourite) kind of math? What math did you do last? Pi or tau? (hint: pick tau.) I'm really interested in recreational math! So like, hexaflexagons, drawing infinity elephants, chicken...
  3. Hiikaru


    I've been told a lot that I have a good singing voice, but I've also picked up a lot of really bad habits. So, what are some ideas for singing well? What kinds of things should you not do while singing? I try every so often to Google different things about singing, but I never really get much of...
  4. Hiikaru

    Programming Club

    Programming Club In the interest of more threads to talk in, here's a programming club! I have no idea how many of the people floating around are interested but I know at least a few people are. Post any questions about programming, resources you found useful, or projects you're working on...
  5. Hiikaru

    Eifie vs. Skylark

    Skylark's active squad: Feebas Chase the male Feebas <Swift Swim> @Prism Scale Ralts Crystal the female Ralts <Trace> @Lucky Egg, Dr. Lucafont's Mental Enhancement Chip Wartortle Fondue the female Wartortle <Torrent> @Lucky Egg Mareep Static the male Mareep <Static> @Lucky Egg, Scented Wool...
  6. Hiikaru

    Denryu vs. Munchkin

    Denryu's active squad: Gurdurr Caber the male Gurdurr <Sheer Force> @ Black Belt Chingling Hohner the male Chingling <Levitate> @Soothe Bell Wailmer Eileen the female Wailmer <Oblivious> Buneary Romero Diazi the male Buneary <Run Away> Horsea Preveza the female Horsea <Sniper> @Dragon Scale...
  7. Hiikaru

    paul999 vs. Eifie

    paul999's active squad: Piplup Tidal Wave the male Piplup <Torrent> Sawk Chuck Norris the male Sawk <Sturdy> Aron Hai the female Aron <Sturdy> Eifie's active squad: Torchic Ismene the female Torchic <Blaze> Eevee Adelle the female Eevee <Adaptability> Sentret Mimsy the female Sentret <Keen Eye>...
  8. Hiikaru

    Klutzershy vs. Espeon

    Klutzershy's active squad: Mudkip Tallgeese the female Mudkip <Torrent> Mienfoo Shenlong the female Mienfoo <Inner Focus> Vulpix Altron the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @Fire Stone Minccino Heavy Arms the female Minccino <Technician> @Shiny Stone Ralts Sandrock the female Ralts <Trace> Espeon's...
  9. Hiikaru


    Only join if you're planning to play!! That is to say, if you don't like talking or submitting your night action, there are plenty of other games for you, so leave this one out of your schedule. Even if you don't have a role, you still need to play. Hi! I wrote up a bunch of roles more than a...
  10. Hiikaru

    Happy Birthday, Alvyren~!

    Alvyren's twentieth birthday is today! Another year of hopes and surprises~! Happy birthday, Alvyren! I hope you have the best birthday ever and all the luck in the world for everything yet to come, because you're very special!~ ♪ *hugs the tightest* ♥
  11. Hiikaru

    Yay, Yay, Yay it's Eifie's Birthday!!!

    Eifie happy birthday!!!!! ---- _*_ ---- --()/ __\()-- -<( ^-^ )>- --( ( O ) )-- ---u(-) u--- ----(-)---- ----(-)---- ------------- This is a Sentret in a party hat. It's great, right. You're older now!! And you have a Sentret this birthday!!! That's great, right!!!! Yay, yay, yay, yay...
  12. Hiikaru


    Okay, so, guys, what is this nonsense? This is a .txt file for a computer application called a Shimeji, a form of desktop buddy that's super customizable. I want to know what it is, and what I can do about it. I figured out how to edit the xml files in a useful way, but the one menu text...
  13. Hiikaru

    Save Points

    Sometimes there are save points, and sometimes you can just go into the menu at any time and click the diary button. I guess the type depends on the game. For the Mario games, as the developer stated in an interview, the lack of saves points removes the frustration of playing the same part...
  14. Hiikaru

    Multilingual Psychology

    I know one language and I am kind of under the impression that there are several people on this forum that know more than one language, so here I am! Basically, if you're speaking a language that is not your first language for a long time, do you find yourself defaulting to your mother tongue...
  15. Hiikaru

    Coding Evolution

    I want to create a game about things evolving into other things. Originally the whole piece of art was going to change, but that ended up being upwards of two hundred images and I never made much headway. Eventually I got the idea that everything could use a set of bases, and then just a few...
  16. Hiikaru

    Vanity Publishing

    Is it called vanity publishing? Maybe it's called vanity publishing. I don't have anything in particular I want just now, but it would be nice to be able to own a copy of my writing or drawings. I just want to send the format to some company, and they'll put it in a pretty book and mail it to...
  17. Hiikaru

    Pre-Pokeball Shiny

    My sister started her Heart Gold game, and the very first Pokemon she saw was a shiny Pidgey. In my Soul Silver game, shiny Weedle wasn't the first, but it was still before I had Pokeballs. My mom says she's seen people complain about seeing shinies in the very beginning. We're planning to use...
  18. Hiikaru

    HG/SS Pokéathlon

    Pokéathlon Is there seriously no Pokeathlon thread yet? Guys, the Pokeathlon is awesome. Let's talk about it. I have three medalist Pokemon right now, I've unlocked two rooms, I need to best two more mini-games to get into a third room, and I've completed the jump challenge and the switch...
  19. Hiikaru

    PHP Variables to Evolve Eevee

    tl;dr - how can I make eevee evolve on all existing pages conditionally? Okay, I got all the styles on the Eevee game up and working and it's awesome and my little sister is pretty ecstatic about it (she comments on how great PHP styleswitchers are every time she plays with it now). But...
  20. Hiikaru

    PHP + CSS

    Okay, I'm building some stylesheets for my Eevee game now that my files are back. (ETA: I'm using CSS stylesheets, PHP includes, and a PHP styleswitcher, by the way) In this game, you take care of an Eevee. There's a navigation bar somewhere on the page (location depends on which style), which...