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  1. RespectTheBlade

    Dragon vs. Mai

    Dragon Vs. Mai Dragon's active squad salamence Mistral the female Salamence <Intimidate> weavile Frozen the female Weavile <Pressure> togekiss Ashglade the male Togekiss <Serene Grace> sharpedo ed'Rashtekaresket the male Sharpedo <Rough Skin> luxray Eos the female Luxray <Intimidate> scraggy...
  2. RespectTheBlade

    Meursault vs. surskitty

    Meursault vs. surskitty Meursault's Active Squad meowth Bastet the female Meowth <Technician> staryu Refraction the genderless Staryu <Natural Cure> @ Water Stone primeape The Mountain Called Monkey the male Primeape <Anger Point> baltoy Ruin the genderless Baltoy <Levitate> grimer Duke the...
  3. RespectTheBlade

    The First-Ever TCoD Super Smash Bros. Tournament! (Help needed!)

    Are you really feeling it? Want to tip some scales? Waiting for your chance... another day? Well guess what: You'll get it today, because it's time to SETTLE IT- IN SMASH! Memes aside, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is out! I thought that a good way to gauge if a Smash Bros community/group/thing of...
  4. RespectTheBlade

    Found a Heart Container :3

    BLADE grew to Lv. 15! ATK + 6 DEF + 4 SP. ATK + 2 SP.DEF + 5 SPD + 1 So, finally turned 15. :D Feel free to use this thread for whatever you like. As this is TCoD, this thread will probably degenerate into some insane chaotic party involving copius amounts of alchohol. ((Any of those wanting...
  5. RespectTheBlade

    TruetoCheese vs. Stala

    TruetoCheese's Active Squad: Madeline [F] Skorupi <Battle Armor> Prickles [M] Cacnea <Sand Veil> No Brainer [F] Psyduck <Cloud Nine> Bilberry [F] Poliwag <Water Absorb> Stala's Active Squad: Raidou [M] Oshawott <Torrent> Sparow [F] Spearow <Keen Eye> Solidus [M] Sandshrew <Sand Veil>...
  6. RespectTheBlade

    Rarity vs. Phantom

    DISCLAIMER- Luxcario is Rarity now. (to avoid any confusion.) Luxcario Rarity's Active Squad: Mudkipper [M] Mudkip <Torrent> @ nothing Creeper [M] Spiritomb <Pressure> @ nothing Dopey [M] Slowpoke <Oblivious> @ nothing Spiky [M] Zigzagoon <Pickup> @ nothing Moo [M] Woobat <Unaware> @...
  7. RespectTheBlade

    blazheirio889 vs. bulbasaur

    blazheirio889(Blazhy)'s active squad: Nephilim [F] Cleffa <Magic Guard> Phalanx [M] Cradily <Suction Cups> @ Big Root Neodymium [M] Riolu <Steadfast> Adamantite [M] Anorith <Battle Armor> Kreskin [M] Zorua <Illusion> Lapudo [F] Venonat <Tinted Lens> Rictal [F] Ghastly <Levitate> @ Lucky...
  8. RespectTheBlade

    Arceus mentioned on most recent episode of House

    Here. Discuss.
  9. RespectTheBlade

    Blastoise Fortooate VS. Legendaryseeker99

    Blastoise Fortooate's Active Squad Wiggles the Male Magikarp Ability: Swift Swim Mort the Male Gastly Ability: Levitate Item: Nevermeltice Kitten Gin the Female Hoppip Ability: Chlorophyll Bépya the Male Bulbasaur Ability: Overgrow Item: Miracle Seed Tandy the Female Yanma...
  10. RespectTheBlade

    Avatar is back.

    Well, for those here who are fans of the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, I have good news. It's back. The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra is scheduled to come out either late 2011 or Mid-2012. Here's a trailer.
  11. RespectTheBlade

    Anyone in Science Olympiad?

    Well, last weekend, we went to the National Tournament, and placed 21st in C division for Science Olympiad. Which somehow made me wonder if any TCoDians were in S.O. So, uh... Is anyone?
  12. RespectTheBlade

    Pokemon Global Link opens April 13.

    So.... The official Global Link site, www.pokemon-gl.com, says that the Pokemon Global Link will open on April 13th. Thoughts?
  13. RespectTheBlade

    Eevees, anyone? (they're pretty much free.)

    I have about 20 eevees of varying natures. and there's bound to be more, Í'm working on getting rid of them. So, if anyone wants an eevee, you can have a couple. I really just want to get rid of the little things. (no females, as of yet, I haven't got any, strangely.)
  14. RespectTheBlade

    Shinies for trade, if anyone wants.

    Well, I have a couple shinies I'm looking to trade for different shinies. I have two, if anybody is interested. Excadrill- nothing out of the ordinary, just an excadrill I randomly found by going into the patches of shaking grass. Legit, legitly caught. Golem- evolved from a graveler I caught...
  15. RespectTheBlade

    Happiest I've been in a while. (Or, yet another relationship.)

    Why, you ask? well, not surprisingly to some, Me and Silver are effectively 'dating'. And, I'm really happy about it. so, Yay! (Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru)
  16. RespectTheBlade

    Mai vs. SilverJade

    Alriiighty, then. First double battle I'm reffing; however, should go pretty well. also, Mai, by 7% I'm assuming you mean any moves above 70 Base Power are banned. Mai's Active Squad Ralts Rallie [Ralts] (F) <Trace> Cyndaquil Cynda [Cyndaquil] (F) <Blaze> Sableye Dia [Sableye] (M)...
  17. RespectTheBlade

    *eats rare candy*

    In other words, today's my birthday. I'm finally 14. w00t!
  18. RespectTheBlade

    Byrus vs. ultraviolet

    Byrus' active squad: [Yami] Houndour (Female) <Flash Fire> [Ruaig] Stunky (Male) Held: Black sludge <Stench> Body mod: Stunky has taken a Levitation Course. For pokemon that weigh up to 100 lbs (~45 kg), levitation will cost 2% energy per action to maintain. For pokemon between 101 lbs and...
  19. RespectTheBlade

    Confirmed Release Date for B/W

    :D But, it wasn't cofirmed, so it might get pushed earlier or later. But still, :D
  20. RespectTheBlade

    Steele vs. Superbird

    Steele's Active Squad: Trapinch [Baseskor] (F) Hyper Cutter haunter [Rift] (F) Levitate Magikarp [The Leviathan] M) Swift Swim bronzong [Rage Against the Machine] (X) Levitate quilava [Carrie] (F) Blaze larvitar [Slayer] (M) Guts snorunt [Spectre] (F) Inner Focus Held: Dawn Stone...