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  1. Nope

    hey, anyone remember me?

    Hi guys and gals and others! I'm Baku, for those who don't know me. (wow i come off as kind of pretentious there dont i ok let me try again) hi im baku! i used to frequent this forum a few years back (2007-09??) and ive sometimes checked up on stuff but never really gotten active again, which...
  2. Nope

    Suggestions Baku has a new gallery

    I am spriting again! More precisely, I'm revamping gold and silver sprites. I'm also taking suggestions on what sprites to revamp next. Only GSC sprites, people. Click the sprites for my DEVart page. Favorites and comments are very much welcome. <3 Scratch Kibago. Zombie kitteh. <3 Gold...
  3. Nope

    Whooo! Norway won :D

    Alexander Rybak won MGP this year :D Norway pwned ya all Thank you to everyone who voted Norway! ! I got nothing more to write now. Leave.
  4. Nope

    Closed Eons: Seekers of the Soul Dew

    Seekers of the Soul Dew Yes, I changed the title to Seekers of the Soul Dew. You have a problem with that? Hn? The man chuckled and looked down at the book. How he had progressed in the past few months. He read the first few paragraphs. 12th of January, 08 The first...
  5. Nope

    Wanted list of Bakun's.

    Yes, hello. Um... I'll just get right on it. Wanted: Suicune I'll update with more later Offered: Rayquaza, lvl 80, no nickname, Can't remember what nature. Mudkips, lvl 1 Charmanders, lvl 1 Castforms, lvl 1 All Sinnoh starters, lvl 1 Feebas, lvl 20-25 Bagon, lvl 1 I might also have the...
  6. Nope

    Requests Closed Bakun 'n' Stuff

    SHOP IS CLOSED UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED THE CURRENT REQUESTS! Brought to you by the shift key. "Welcum to meh spryte shopp!" Yeah, I do sprite requests, any you can think of, except these: Chao Pixelovers Big scratches (100x100+) Trophies (Unless they're for some kind of contest, but I don't...
  7. Nope


    Oh yeah, it's snowing here in Norway :DDD Just some inches, though, but it's still snow :3 Guess who I threw the first snowball at? My mom, and we were still at school so she threatened with giving me a black mark xD She was only kidding, though. YAY, I can't wait for the snow to be a meter...
  8. Nope

    I'm in luv~

    Yes. But not one from the internet. He's in the year under me at school, and he's soo cool and nice and all :D His personality is quite similar to mine too! I'm not sure if he still likes Pokémon. I'll ask him on Monday, and if it's a yes I'll post here with an infinite amount of "YAY!!"! If...
  9. Nope

    [CLOSED] Heaven and Hell OOC Thread

    Heaven and Hell A long, long time ago, the 7 Deadly Sins, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and their leader, Pride, was banished and sealed in Hell by Justice, the 8th Heavenly Virtue, who was, despite (No one knows it’s gender) being one of the Virtues, neutral and obsessed with...
  10. Nope

    Closed Heaven and Hell

    Heaven and Hell -Escaping the jails and returing to earth- You play as one of the 7 Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues, trying to escape the Hell/Heaven jail, with only one clue left by Justice, the 8th Heavenly Virtue. "You have to do the opposite. Even though it may stride against your nature."...
  11. Nope

    Hunting Unlimited 4!

    Yeah, I made it work today :DD It's really cool! You track, and kill animals, and then there's missions and stuff! I'm against animal torture, abuse and all, but this is just a game, so don't come telling me I'm heartless and stupid D:< 'Cuz I'm not.
  12. Nope

    Open Survive the Darkness or Die [13+ Swearing, blood, violence]

    Survive the Darkness or die [13+ Swearing, blood, violence] For thousands of years, Werewolves and Vampires have been enemies, killing eachother coldly. Now, this is brought to the Pokémon world. Where peace once were, the evil roams. Humans and normal Pokémon are almost extinct, killed by...
  13. Nope

    Open Dragons Alive, battle between the races- NOT ACCEPTING DRAGONS!!

    I won't accept anymore on the dragon side unless one of the who reserved wants to join as one. You have to be either a dragon tamer or a dragon slayer on the Dragon Slayer side untill they are widened out! Dragons alive, battle between the races- Long ago, many years, many thousands of years...
  14. Nope

    I'm finally going to become an RS Member :D

    So, I've started playing RuneScape again :D And guess what? I asked my mom and dad if I could become a member, and they said yes! YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!! Why is it yes? Well, you get to more quests, you can wield -awesome- armour, like barrows, you can train more skills (like thieving and...
  15. Nope

    How are your class mates?

    How do they act? Are they smart? Are you good friends with them? Uh, only if you go to school, though. Me? I'm the shy and smart one. I prefer to stay out of things and I keep my voice down. One of the boys in my class is really a perv. Many others are too, but he is worst. He's like...
  16. Nope

    Closed Seekers of the Dew Drop, a Pokémon RP

    Seekers of the Dew Drop, a Pokémon RP Seekers of the Dew Drop, a Pokémon RP The first attempt at capturing the eons failed. But we must try again. It has finally come to me, that with their power, I will truly rule the world! ____________________________________________ I have succeeded...
  17. Nope

    [Invite only] Pokémon: Kanto Adventures

    [Invite only] Pokémon: Kanto Adventures Pokémon: Kanto Adventures "Hello there, I saw you some days ago, and I was impressed. You seem to like Pokémon a lot, am I correct? Even though you don't have any, Pokémon around you seem to get attracted to you like a magnet! You are pretty good with...
  18. Nope

    Open Mt. Vesever: A Dangerous Path - Will you save the Crate?

    Oh god... I know... it's a lot to read... but I think it's worth it... Mt.Vesever: A Dangerous Path - Will you save the Crate? Before humans and Pokémon existed on the pokémon planet, there was only a wilderness. Volcanoes erupted everywhere, on mountains, daily rock slides were usual, and...
  19. Nope

    The Shiny Hunters Club!

    Yes, finally a club for you who have caught a shiny, either by chaining or just sheer luck. The red gyarados counts. Rules- 1. You need a shiny to join. And specify what pokémon. 2. Your shiny needs to be legal. No hacked shinies here >:( 3. The red Gyarados counts. 4. No flaming other...
  20. Nope

    OMFG! Shineeeh...

    Okey, so it happened yesterday when I was about to go sleep. I had beaten the E4 for the fourth time, and I was about to fly to victory road to train my Alakazam. Then I notice none of my pokemon has fly,(I mean, none of the pokemon I use for battling has any HM move, except my Empoleon, which...