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  1. Thorne

    Open Tale of the Dustborn

    Signup thread here ------------------------------------------------------------------- Night had fallen upon the forest of concrete towers where the pale ones made their homes. With most of them currently in their dwellings eating, resting or doing whatever they choose to do, the streets were...
  2. Thorne

    Tale of the Dustborn [Signups/OOC]

    Tale of the Dustborn is a story about oppression. It's a story about personal freedom and standards. It's a story of survival in an alien world, and being lost in yourself. You play as one of the Dustborn, an Pokémon that appeared out of nowhere in the human settlement of Castelia City. You are...
  3. Thorne

    Façades [OPEN]

    Façades [OPEN] But of course, you were fully aware of all this already. Because you're a magical prodigy. The elite of the elite who could summon your Façade at an implausibly young age. Which is why you were sent Royal Magic University, where the best go to become even better. RIGHT! Let's...
  4. Thorne

    Open Call of the Dragon

    Signup/OOC "Upon retrospect, I wonder if this was such a good idea after all." Kain Emender told himself as he walked through the forest, guided by the light of his lantern. There were trees everywhere. He didn't like trees unless they were chopped up and burning in the fireplace, it goes...
  5. Thorne

    ... I don't even know what to say.

    I... I just confessed to the person I love. And the person I confessed to reacted in just the way I wanted to. It's a bit complicated in that I didn't actually want this person to feel this way about me, but that I simply wanted to be very important to this person. And she answered my feelings...
  6. Thorne

    Call of the Dragon [OPEN]

    You'd be surprised by the fact that the above piece did not take an overly long amount of time to write. -- Rules 1. Basic RP rules apply, if you are reading this then you should know it by now. 2. PG-13, you know what to expect. 3. I want to see above-average English spelling and grammar...
  7. Thorne


    THERE ARE A LOT OF DUMB THINGS OUT THERE THAT HAVE NO REASON TO EXIST But is there anything in particular that you can't figure out what justifies it's existence? Remember that bad and pointless are not the same thing. Remember to be nice, because there could be people out there that like what...
  8. Thorne

    League of Legends

    http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/ League of Legends is a free to play action strategy game made by the creators of DotA, a popular Warcraft mod. Each player take control of a powerful "Champion" and duke it out in a 3v3 or 5v5 match. Either team wins by muscling their way into the enemies base...
  9. Thorne

    Yu-Gi-Oh! The trading card game.

    So, does anyone here play Yu-Gi-Oh!, be it with real cards or online? What decks do you use? Personally, I currently use a DARK-themed deck mostly built around locking down the enemy, but it's terribly unbalanced and I need to get some better standard monsters for it. My "signature card" is...
  10. Thorne

    So I've taken an interest in Doctor Who...

    As of recently, I have been overcome by boredom (Oh the drudgery) and as such I need something to do. A while ago I came across the existence of David Tennant and I must say he quite the lovely fellow. Looking more into the guy I found he played the tenth doctor in the aforementioned TV series...
  11. Thorne

    Team Fortress 2 is now FREE-TO-PLAY! (Plus Meet the Medic)

    FOREVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER. Yup, everyone's favourite War-based hat simulator is now free to download and play. I though I would share the news with all my TCoD friends and not-that-much-friends-but-they-are-still-kinda-cool-I-guess. In related news, Meet the Medic.
  12. Thorne

    Relaxation thread

    Dude. Relax.
  13. Thorne

    I need a name for an A.I

    I have been working a bit on a story featuring, as a main character, a highly intelligent A.I who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world after a long time in suspension. When you think of A.I's in general, some that spring to mind is probably GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System)...
  14. Thorne

    Only me and my birthday

    Yup, yes it is. I haven't actually had a lot of gifts but I will have more when my parents return from Iceland. Otherwise it's been a good day. c: In the meantime I can listen to this.
  15. Thorne

    Open Streets Run Red

    Signups/OOC -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Night-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few dared to walk the moonlit streets of Castelia. It was a hot summer night with an ever...
  16. Thorne

    Edward Scissorhands

    I watched the above movie today. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW Edward ;_; In all seriousness, I have never been one for movies and I have never been. But today I was at a friends small birthday party, as it was only him, me and two other guys. We decided to watch a movie, and they...
  17. Thorne

    [OOC/SIGNUPS] Streets Run Red

    As would be evident from the text above, this is a RP where you play as members of one of the two gangs, Rhinestone Eyes and El mañana, lead by the imposing Gears and the eccentric Nevermore, respectively. On the day, you will be normal citizens, or rather, act like it. In the night you'll be...
  18. Thorne

    World of Warcraft

    Everyone knows this game, it is just a matter whether you like it or not. Are you playing it? Are you perhaps wishing to try it out? Or maybe you don't like but can still bring it up in a well-mannered conversation? No matter what your opinion is, if you feel like discussing it, you can do it...
  19. Thorne

    Rate the Avatar above!

    Okay so it seemed no one remade this but I wanted to post in this so I remade it. As far as rules go, you rate the avatar of the person who commented just before you, from a scale of 0 to 10, also comment on why you rated it like you did. Alright we can start now.
  20. Thorne

    Open The Amityville High School of the Strange and the Supernatural

    OOC/Signups here "Have the students gathered yet?" The large auditorium was, much like the rest of the Amityville High School, a beautiful piece of architecture. From the mahogany floor to the crystal chandeliers in the roof, everything was a marvel to look at. "Yes, most of them, Mr...