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  1. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Yeah, depending on how it worked. The way VM described his role, it sounded like it's something that wouldn't count as an action (happens automatically, doesn't target), which I would generally not expect to be roleblockable. But it could go either way.
  2. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Wow, so reading that previous thread is definitely reinforcing my suspicions over the lack of gore in this day's update post. :P Whether Jack's going to revive or start doing spooky things from beyond the grave, he did at some point die, since he procced my own ability to learn the tropes of...
  3. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Yeah, I was more connecting it to the fact that the cause of death was unclear (e.g. not obviously shot or anything), so perhaps it was a death from some kind of power backfire, overdose, etc. rather than a traditional nightkill. But again, I would want to see how other day-texts were handled...
  4. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Yeah, could read either as "no sign that he was Mafia" or "no sign of foul play."
  5. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Rarely. However, the last time Butterfree ran a version of this game, it was a particularly wild setup (and I believe there was some kind of twist?). Like I said, generally it means nothing, but I'm expecting the unexpected here, heh.
  6. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    I was kind of expecting something crazy, too! This would seem like the game for it. Although I think it would be hard to top that one MF game where the Mafia managed to kill half the players on the first night.
  7. Negrek

    Forum Revival TV Tropes Mafia Revival - D1

    Hmm, interesting. Normally I don't put a lot of stock into flavor text, but not sure what to expect for this game. Will be interesting to see in upcoming nights whether there's more of a "mafia" angle to day posts and whether this might actually indicate a non-mafia kill.
  8. Negrek

    What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?

    Oh, gotcha. I wouldn't mind that at all--riding is as good as having them following you around to me--although it sounds like maybe the environment would need to be designed more with big mons in mind for it to really work well. I don't mind having to leave my huge monster outside if I need to...
  9. Negrek

    What are you favorite unappreciated Pokémon?

    Nosepass, stunfisk, and sandygast are some of my favorites despite many people considering them "joke" pokémon. Although stunfisk is apparently quite popular in Japan? Delighted to see it showing up again in Galar, although I do prefer the original version.
  10. Negrek

    What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?

    Whaaat, I thought all pokémon could follow you in LGPE? Is it just that some of them you ride rather than have them following you, or are "ride pokémon" only able to be out of their pokéballs in certain areas and the others can be out anywhere? I'm fine with always riding my snorlax instead of...
  11. Negrek

    What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?

    I mean, they made it work for LGPE, no? They obviously didn't have anything truly absurd in there, like wailord or Primal Groudon or similar, but they managed onix, gyarados, snorlax and such without much issue, right?
  12. Negrek

    Posts constantly going into moderation queue

    You can't fool Xenforo! It totally knows you're only posting here to try and sell us diet pills. (I have no idea, sorry.)
  13. Negrek

    A Wild Intro Appears!

    Welcome! We have lots of writers and roleplayers here, so hopefully you'll feel right at home.
  14. Negrek

    Hi there!

    Long time no see, Elbub! Glad you're doing well and still hanging around the forum scene. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. Negrek

    What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?

    It's too bad that I didn't reply to this thread earlier, so I can't appreciate my extremely wrong opinions from ten years ago. I actually don't think there could be one perfect Pokémon game! The franchise contains multitudes, and I think that's great. A narrative-heavy game could be perfect in...
  16. Negrek


    Awww, cute hamster! Look at those two, checking each other out.
  17. Negrek

    Bingeworthy TV

    Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are both excellent, although it's kind of amazing how different they are for sharing so much of the cast. Breaking Bad is more action-oriented, while Better Call Saul relies more on tension between characters. Also, might be worth noting that Better Call Saul is...
  18. Negrek


    I don't think gloating is a good look for this thread, regardless of how privileged or otherwise deserving you consider your targets to be.
  19. Negrek

    Forum Cleanup?

    Nice! I appreciate a bit less scrolling on the index, heh.
  20. Negrek

    Feedback wanted: Style requests

    Looking good! Thank you!