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  1. Automata heart

    One-Shot Last Moments (a Homestuck fanfiction) (slight spoilers)

    SPOILER WARNING A/N: this is written in roses point of veiw when she was fighting jack noir with john. this is just after john dies and just as she does. Have you ever seen the sunrise on prospet john? It’s like nothing on earth. There’s only the glow of the city, then, suddenly, skaia lights...
  2. Automata heart

    Mental health support in your country

    what is it like? ours isn't very good. i have been told not to look for help until after new year and you have to bend over backwards if you need help getting/paying for help. also, is it very expensive like it is here? should it be? how do you think they could be improving it? i'm really...
  3. Automata heart


    does anyone here on TCoD cosplay? would anyone on TCoD like to cosplay? as anyone who knows me knows i cosplay, i've done a fem naruto, elizabeth middleford and misa aymane (all closet cosplays) and am working on a yuko ichihara, ukraine from hetalia and france also from hetalia.
  4. Automata heart

    Carry on the story~

    Rules: keep it pg13 Just keep the story going by adding one line. Lets see where this goes! ”i heard a knock on the door”
  5. Automata heart

    Christmas decorations.

    As it is december now, and I have started to deck my halls as it were, who here also decorates their place of residence? Do you do a tree?
  6. Automata heart

    So many cosplays~!

    I am a cosplayer and have been to three cons, next year, I have another three, and already have all my cosplays booked. During my last con I got to spend some time with some awesome people and got to talking about other cosplays we should do as a group, and came up with lots of ideas. I am going...
  7. Automata heart

    Huge steps forward.

    I never felt like I was straight. The person I love is male but I always thought that gender didn't matter and love was love. After talking to a friend she said that is called pansexuality. So after some research, I found it summed up how I felt about love. Unlike bisexuality, I don't have a...
  8. Automata heart

    TCoD's recipe book

    whats your favorite recipe? post it here~ mine is currently a butterbeer recipe that i love. its 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence, 2 table spoons of butter 2 table spoons of sugar a dash (how much you want) of cinnamon. a mug of milk melt the butter and sugar together then add the rest of the...
  9. Automata heart

    The TCoD cosplayers club~

    any more cosplayers on TCoD? what cosplays have you done? where? what do you like about it?
  10. Automata heart

    Weirdest conversations you have had.

    mine was probably today when talking to my mum, we discussed calmly how i would dispose of the body if I killed her. Whats yours?
  11. Automata heart

    Looks like my life is looking up.

    Well, today my mum got on the radio to suggest a song, and got talking to the host of the radio show, and mentioned the fact i was fundraising to go to the nz girl guiding jamboree (like a huge camp) in January 2012, and we have been getting calls all day from people wanting to help me out. I've...
  12. Automata heart

    I found a free bike

    Mum and i were driving along and there it was with a "free to a good home" sign on it. its a cute red bike with a very low bar so i can wear my skirts on it, and it has one of those things for saddle bags. so i'm pretty stoked.
  13. Automata heart

    Anyone else here sew?

    Does anyone else here sew? if so, what kind of things do you make? got any tips? of you don't sew, but want to, you can ask questions!
  14. Automata heart

    woman's fashion's effect on society.

    is it just me, but is modern fashion making woman and even girls seem more like sex objects? a lot of these clothes leave nothing to the imagination. and i think this is affecting the view of what is beautiful and the view of society on people who choose to cover up. opinions.
  15. Automata heart

    ONLY $9:90 TO GO!!!

    so i put a copy of the manga i have loved since before i could make a sandwich on layby! CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!!! its like 3 volumes in one and is fast set to becoming the most read manga i own. i just had to share this with everyone!!! I...
  16. Automata heart

    Health care.

    Where i live, to get into hospital you have to be dying or have been on the waiting list (which, like in the case of my grandmother, can be up to 3 years) and then there is no garentee (pardon my spelling) you will ever be seen. but, and this is the bit i hate, if you play on one of our sports...
  17. Automata heart

    Alice's adventures in wonderland art book

    hi. i'm sakura. i am getting together as many people as i can to put together an alice in wonderland inspired art book. anyone want to contribute?
  18. Automata heart

    Ash's Tan

    he started out lilly-white, and now has quite a tan....? anyone's thoughts welcome.
  19. Automata heart

    True Horror.

    Hi. My name is Sakura, and I am writing a horror manga.:dead: I only have a setting at the moment, so i was wondering if any of you guys and girls had any ideas. My setting is a disused mental hospital, or normal disused hospital. so, have a go! but be warned i may use these ideas, but i will...
  20. Automata heart


    i love this anime. the little history lesons in it mean i can watch it instead of a history leson. (i'm home schooled) what do you think of hetalia? HASTA-LA-PASTA!:grin: