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  1. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    I think at this point I'm spoiled by mods... Not too sure if I can go back to the vanilla game at this point. If I do, I'll end up having 50 tabs of stardewvalleywiki.com open. You can definitely use mods on the Mac version! For PC, it was as simple as downloading a program called SMAPI then...
  2. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    Are you serious you can sit on chairs now... I think this is the best news I've gotten all day. I'm planning on starting a new save with my girlfriend so we can experience everything all over again. It's been a while since we've played. Moving the bed is also amazing news. Man, I need to try it...
  3. AncientMuffin

    Stardew Valley

    Does anyone here play Stardew Valley? The 1.5 update was just released a few days ago, and I cannot wait to play it. I have a huge backlog of games that I need to play, but, once the update came out, Stardew Valley immediately jumped to the top of my list. Just waiting for my girlfriend to have...