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  1. Zexion

    The Omskivar vs pathos

    The Omskivar's Active Squad Grovyle Jane Leaves the female Grovyle Overgrow | Cheri Berry Torkoal Hephaestus the male Torkoal White Smoke | Pecha Berry Vespiquen Buzzcomb the female Vespiquen Pressure | Expert Belt Panpour Whoopi the female Panpur Gluttony | Water Stone Elekid Rerun the male...
  2. Zexion

    Avatar Mode (Avatar the Last Airbender Challenge)

    Basics: Really simple actually. I'll be trying this as soon as I find my Platinum. Post progress if interested/want to.
  3. Zexion

    The Second Meeting

    Hello Nations, Welcome back to the United Nations building. Many of you are new here, but have heard the stories of the last meeting. It is time for you to realize the best and worst of your neighbors. Those that have been here know the craziness that happens. Those that haven't must learn...
  4. Zexion

    The Secondary Meeting (Hetalia)

    Enough of the previous members wanted this again, so it's back. ------------------- I would like at least 6 players, but no more then 20 (if it gets that high). I have a list of characters you can chose from! Please pick a nation when you join! Character List If the above doesn't work, try...
  5. Zexion

    5th Gen. UU

    Rotom-grass Bronzong Flygon Clefable Arcanine Cresselia So I spend time on Pokemon Online. This is one of my UU teams the I frequently use. It has won me a decent amount of battles. (I think it is a 39-12 record) The team just hasn't been as effective as it once was. The team in Hide tags is...
  6. Zexion

    Minecrafting Lifestyle

    OOC: Some friends and I decided to do a multiplayer server for Minecraft. We created a little town and are doing some role-playing. This is a diary for my character inside the land. Each entry will, hopefully, be only a day long. NOTE: No, I will give no server name. It is a private server...
  7. Zexion

    What does the term 'Hero' mean to you?

    By the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hero is: To me, a hero is more then any of this. A hero is someone who will stand up for whatever they believe in, no matter what obstacles and opposition stand in their way. A hero also is not afraid to help those around them, no matter what cultural...
  8. Zexion

    The Meeting of the World!

    Nine nations, one building, a plethora of topics to discuss.Among these topics is one that was just brought to the nations attention... During the Meeting, only nine nations were present. The nations were arguing, agreeing, and overall... being unproductive. An envelope, complete with the...
  9. Zexion

    Return from Europe

    *throws luggage into room* Anyways, I am home and enjoyed my time in Europe. I spent the last two weeks traveling around Germany, Italy, and France. It was wonderful, even if I was scared in the Italian taxis. The first week, we visited Dachau. Sad place... being the first concentration camp...
  10. Zexion

    Ecruteak City

    Timeline Control failed due to the fact I cannot understand how to work FreeForums, so I jumped providers over to ZetaBoards. Welcome to Ecruteak City This is my most recent attempt at a forum, while keeping my sanity. You may have noticed it in my sig, or not. We have 3 member thus far, and 43...
  11. Zexion

    Minecraft PokeMob Zone

    Welcome to the Minecraft Zone! Slowly, you approach a brick gatehouse. A double fence goes on in either direction, as far as you can see. As you attempt to jump over it, you fall back down. A teenage boy leans out of the gatehouse, waving you towards him. Deciding you won't get any farther...
  12. Zexion


    I saw this was done once before, back in 2008. But, I want to know how many of you play. I just started because of a post one of TCoD's members posted, linking to their NationState. I clicked on the link and it looked interesting enough, so I joined and now play. My nation is The Commonwealth...
  13. Zexion

    The Meeting of the World! (a Hetalia Mafia)

    I hate to do this, what with all the new Mafia games currently going, but it can't wait until after my trip. Hetalia! I want to make this game only last to my trip, because I don't know how the Wi-Fi will be when I am gone. I would like at least 6 players, but no more then 20 (if it gets that...
  14. Zexion

    In Progress The Aftermath

    This is what I get for being bored over the Summer. Hopefully it will make sense, eventually. Please give feedback. -------- "I am going to place humans here in a test. Those Pokémon who refused to believe what I say or even tried to rebel against me shall be controlled. The only way to...
  15. Zexion

    TCoD Pokemon Online Server?

    If any of you haven't heard of Pokemon Online, it is a battle simulator. I am willing to set up the server, if we have enough support. I would like the input of Butterfree and the mods more than anything. With Pokemon Online, we can create a Gym Leader/Elite Four or Battle Frontier. If this...
  16. Zexion

    Mafia: A First Chance [Innocent Victory]

    After having a group dinner at the Diner, the residents of New Haven head to bed. The lights flicker on the streets and each person can sense something. They don`t pay attention to it. Dark clouds drift overhead as each enters their house. Lights turn off, and soon shadows drift around. As...
  17. Zexion

    Mafia: A First Chance

    The name means nothing, sorry to get hopes up at all. This is my first attempt a creating a Mafia, so give critique. In the little town of New Haven, no expects a Mafia branch to hide around. But within these quiet country streets, evil lurks. I would like at least 5 players. I will give...
  18. Zexion

    Is it just me?

    I have had to use the < p > tags in order to make a multi-paragraph message. Is this happening to everyone, or just me? Another thing is that the dropdown arrow next to 'Quick Links' has dissapered. I can't use CTRL + I anymore to created italics. Nor have I been able to use CTRL + U or CTRL +...
  19. Zexion

    Favorite Car Brand?

    There are many brands of cars, from Ford to Chevy to Dodge. With my 16th birthday coming up and my mom thinking about getting me a car, I want to know what cars TCoDers drive/would like to drive. You don't shouldn't base it off safety ratings only. Go for what you love.
  20. Zexion

    (Cancelled) Ice Peak Coast Exploration

    Ice Peak Coast Exploration “…we need help. This is Setter 23 to base, Setter 23 to base. If we don’t get the help we need now, we’ll freeze…” ======== The year is 2020 and you are stuck on the Ice Peak Coast inside of the AEMV 23 (Arctic Exploration Multi-Vehicle). The reason you are here...