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  1. Darksong

    I REALLY need hints for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2...

    ...Does anyone know where I could find team-building tips and stuff? Or of any forums or something where I can ask questions? Because all of a sudden I'm having trouble with battling on Wi-Fi and I'm stumped on how to make my team any stronger than they are now.
  2. Darksong

    G/S/C Entering Mt Silver

    Why is it that whenever I start a thread in this forum, it's a question? xD Anyway, I'm pretty much a newbie to the Kanto part of G/S/C/HG/SS, and last night was the first time that I got all 16 Gym badges from both regions. I don't know the requirements to enter Mt. Silver, though; I thought...
  3. Darksong

    Black City?

    Yes, I've been playing Black version since the day it came out, and I didn't get to Black City until yesterday. I've read about it, but it doesn't look like it should... It should have a minimum population of 12 people, but I see absolutely nothing in it; there's only one person in the Pokemon...
  4. Darksong

    Re-joining ASB

    I know, I haven't been here in forever... but that's because for some reason, no matter what I did, for a while, I couldn't see any posts that were made after January or so. Finally it's been fixed somehow (I posted a little yesterday), and I noticed that there's some new system with ASB...
  5. Darksong

    Nature/IV curiosity

    Out of curiosity, would it be more beneficial, if I want a certain stat to be as high as possible at level 100, to go for close-to-max IVs or a beneficial nature (as opposed to a neutral one)? (I want to give my Anorith that I'm getting in Sapphire the best Attack stat possible in case I plan...
  6. Darksong

    PMD Sky: Gender of Vulpix? (Preparing to restart....)

    I just realized that it would be really cool for me to have a Vulpix as a partner on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, but since I'm really far on this file, I'm a little reluctant. Really, the only thing I need to convince me is a simple answer. See, I'd rather be myself instead of...
  7. Darksong

    Where to post moveset help?

    I'm looking for help with a Pokemon's moveset, and it's for a somewhat competitive battle against a friend. Although, I'm not sure if I should put it in the competitive battling forum or the general Pokemon video games forum, since it's kind of in between. In which of these would it better belong?
  8. Darksong

    More dungeons, and plot advances in PMD1?

    Ugh. Frustration. I've had a really advanced file in Pokémon Blue Rescue Team once, but I can't remember how I got anywhere, honestly. So basically, I have two questions. One: I've defeated Rayquaza and am at Platinum Rank currently, but the only new dungeons I got are Southern Cavern, Wyvern...
  9. Darksong

    D/P/Pt A couple quick questions.

    I've been dwelling on this first question for a while now, but the second thing just happened to me... The first thing: Recently, I traded over the GTS for a Bonsly. It was a weird trade -- I gave my Magnezone for it -- but I wanted to get more ID numbers, and I didn't use that Magnezone. When...
  10. Darksong

    D/P/Pt Under-Used Wi-Fi Team (Platinum)

    I posted this team on Serebii, too, but it didn't get any rates, so I'll see if it could get any advice here. It's just an average underused team to use over Wi-fi. Gallade @ Choice Scarf Ability: Steadfast Nature: Adamant EVs: 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed - Close Combat - Ice Punch - Psycho Cut...
  11. Darksong

    D/P/Pt Conveniently Chosen Pokemon...

    This is what I'm planning. And I might need recommendations for the last slots. Pokemon 1: Gallade [ 6 HP / 251 Atk / 1 Def / 253 Spe ] ADAMANT Nature @ Choice Scarf (Ability: Steadfast) Close Combat Ice Punch Psycho Cut Night Slash Note: Unfortunately, this guy got Pokerus when his effort was...
  12. Darksong

    Darksong's Pixel Things

    I'm working on spriting again and I might need a bit of help. October 4th: I believe I am getting quite good at spriting. Now, requests are open as long as useful criticism is given along with it. There are exceptions, though: (July 26th:) Today, which was when I started spriting, I've only...
  13. Darksong

    FR/LG I totally forgot.

    Where do you get the HM Strength in LeafGreen again? xD I need it for Articuno, but I don't have it yet.
  14. Darksong

    Open As Darkness Falls

    Years ago... actually, no one remembers the story of Pokémorphs. No one in Sinnoh. This is because they have been accepted as people in the regions. Actually, I have to say that "no one" is overstating. Almost no one remembers the story. There is a small band whose hatred for the Pokémorphs has...
  15. Darksong

    In Progress Haku and Moonwing - A Soul Split In Two

    This fanfiction is based off of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, but there is no knowledge of the game required to understand. The only thing you need to know is about the Incarnus. The Incarnus is a legendary monster that, as its name suggests, is reincarnated when the entrance to the Dark World...
  16. Darksong

    In Progress [Warriors] The Prophecy of Starlight

    Prologue The moon was nearing half full, and right now looked like half an eggshell in the sky. The green eyes of a cat found their way up to face the moon, which flooded the clearing in a small amount of light. There were few crickets on this cold night of leaf-bare; white bits were beginning...
  17. Darksong

    D/P/Pt Suggestions for Gallade?

    I'm training a competitive battling team, but for now, I'm only worried about Gallade. I can't find a good item other than Scope Lens, and my moveset might be kind of flawed. It probably can't defeat an Arceus of the same level if the Arceus has no EVs (Which is not exactly what I'm aiming for...
  18. Darksong

    Poetry contest WIN?!

    I entered a poetry contest back in December, and I'm glad I checked the mail. A letter I got said that I would be published in a book called A Celebration of Poets! Apparently, my poem was among the top ten for the 3rd-6th grade division! And it also said that I could still be among the...
  19. Darksong

    Open Rebirth

    There are some humans… no, something different. They are no longer living. They were humans. Foolishly thinking they were worth nothing, or for various other reasons, they threw their lives away in some way or another. And afterwards, there was a light; a thousand-armed being that faded into a...
  20. Darksong

    The Dragon Quest Fan Club

    A fan of the video games? Anything else (I only know of DQMJ)? Come here! You can ask for help or give hintful tips. ~ Members: Darksong Cryptica (I know she'll join) IcySapphire Flora and Ashes Currently, what I need advice rather than help on is this, for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker...