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    Pokemon Go - Strategy/Tips Discussion Thread

    So what are your strategies and/or tips? Here are mine: - Only use power-ups on fully-evolved stuff. - Incense is for parks and nowhere else. - Power-ups go to the lowest CP fully-evolved Pokemon, unless there's no more candy. - Always transfer every single weaker duplicate unless it's Eevee...
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    According to Wikipedia: There'll be more to come in the future, but for now, have these! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kevin Jackson was a cruise ship critic from London who wrote for a certain travel magazine...
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    ASB Leaderboard 2.0 (29/6/2015 UPDATE)

    Major Leaderboards: Overall Rankings Trainers Ranked: 20 1. This is based on the average ranking from both the Points and Percentage rankings. This is the main chart. 2. You need to be ranked on both tables to be ranked on the main table. 3. Ties will be broken by highest individual ranking on...
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    Pro Gaming

    Does anyone here watch pro gaming? LoL, Dota, CS, Street Fighter, Melee, Starcraft, or anything else, it doesn't matter - just discuss professional gaming here.
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    In your opinion, what country in the world is the best-run right now?

    Obviously, every country in the world has its problems, and no country is perfect, or even close to it. However, it is clear that when it comes to dealing with these problems and contributing to a better life for all citizens in the country, some countries are doing a better job than others...
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    Do you intend to move from where you live?

    When you become able to, do you intend to permanently relocate from where you live? If you've followed me well enough, you'll know that I fully intend to move to Singapore, and eventually become a Singaporean citizen, when I can.
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    Hong Kong protests

    This ought to fill you guys in on what's happening. Although I may be the only one here from eastern Asia, I feel that this is an important issue which we should all stay up-to-date with, no matter where we're from. And of course, not one whit of "Have you reblogged Hong Kong today?" posts. >:(
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    In Progress Defense of the Homestuck: The Lore

    I’ve started a Homestuck/Dota 2 crossover fanfic. It’s a post-Sburb AU where no one died and Prospit and Derse are the equivalent of the Radiant and the Dire. The war only breaks out after Sburb ends. The premise is, if the characters from Homestuck were the heroes from Dota, what would their...
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    A transcript of a conversation with 2011!You

    In the TCoD Member Headcanons thread, I alluded to holding a conversation with myself from 2011. Then, I remembered this thread. In an amazing coincidence, it was, in fact, from 2011. Thus, this thread. Post a transcript of a conversation with 2011!You. (Refer to the old thread if you don't...
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    "What if I don't find X offensive?"

    I'll give you the scenario. Person from Privileged Group (PfPG): "X is offensive. It's highly insensitive and damaging to people from Non-Privileged Group Y. After all, most people in Not-Privileged Group Y think it is." Person from Non-Privileged Group Y (PfNPGY), whom X pertains to: "I don't...
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    How much more of a responsibility to the world do more powerful/influential countries have compared to less powerful/influential ones?

    We've never discussed this before, so I thought I would bring this up. How much more of a responsibility, in terms of global issues, do larger/more powerful countries have compared to smaller/less powerful ones (if they even have more of a responsibility in the first place)? I'm a firm...
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    Dota 2 Mafia

    Select a hero from Dota 2, and I'll pick a role. Here's a list of heroes to choose from. Rules: - 48-hour phases - Only two abstains throughout the game; no abstaining on the first day - No external communication is allowed unless your role calls for it I'm looking for 10-12 players.
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    I'm sure you've heard about this by now. It happened on the 7th of March, and here is what we know so far. Any thoughts/comments/theories/etc.?
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    Your Top 10 episodes from any TV series

    Why not? My list: 10) "Artist Unknown" from SpongeBob SquarePants 9) "Land Before Swine" from Gravity Falls 8) "No Club Room!" from K-on 7) "The Time Traveler's Pig" from Gravity Falls 6) "Cheeseburger Backpack" from Steven Universe 5) "I'd Never Allow That to Happen" from Puella Magi Madoka...
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    When do you believe these cartoons jumped the shark?

    Futurama The Simpsons Spongebob Squarepants The Powerpuff Girls The Fairly OddParents Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Avatar: The Last Airbender Adventure Time My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Regular Show (If you don't believe that one or more of these ever jumped the shark, feel free...
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    Six Years Later: Stealth Rock

    Yes, the move that changed competitive play forever. Do you think its introduction was a positive or a negative for the metagame, and why? I think it was a positive, because, along which the physical/special split, it pretty much took much of what we knew about competitive play and threw it...
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    Why do most people believe that Gen 3 was the best one?

    What it says in the title, basically. (Although, I'm more of a Gen 4 guy myself.)
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    [post deleted; lock requested]
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    Well, this board hasn't seen activity in a long time, so I made this. What do you think of patriotism? Here's what I think (copied and pasted from my Tumblr): This is the post, by the way. I would also like to quote this person: