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  1. ultraviolet

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt Rewards Thread

    Halloween Rewards Thread In the empty field where the Old Chateau was, ASB staff have quickly set up a stall with some cool prizes in exchange for Candy Cornn. The field seems to have been burned black where the Chateau was, and the area is swarming with scientists. One's holding a really...
  2. ultraviolet

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2015 [ENDS SATURDAY 21st]

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2015 In an event of seemingly last-minute Halloween cheer, a decrepit-looking mansion has appeared near Central Asber, surrounded by cold, creepy fog. Judging by the run-down state of the building, it seems to be abandoned, and judging from the howling and spooky aura...
  3. ultraviolet

    brb going to sweden

    In about six (!) hours, I will be leaving for Stockholm to go and live with Music Dragon for five weeks!! I really really hate flying but so far today I've been more excited than scared so hopefully everything will go okay. ahhh!!!
  4. ultraviolet

    Double Team

    There was a tiny discussion about this a while ago in the Question Box that never really amounted to anything and I'd really like this to get discussed properly because I think it's important. Currently, the ruling on Double Team states that double team clones have shadows, which makes the...
  5. ultraviolet

    Music Dragon is in Australia!

    So yesterday Music Dragon arrived in Australia after spending a million hours in an airplane! fun times. thoughts: MD moves almost silently, like a cat. he keeps appearing and being like 'hello' when i'm doing something that requires concentration, like making toast MD's really tall! like...
  6. ultraviolet


    poll because I am curious about numbers and pretty polls, yay!
  7. ultraviolet

    Valentine's Day

    So Valentine's Day is tomorrow! aww cute! How do you feel about it? Are you doing something for Valentine's Day? What is something cool that happened once on Valentine's Day? Or do you think Valentine's Day is kind of crappy? :o I like Valentine's Day! This year because I'm single, me and a...
  8. ultraviolet

    Winter Season Holidays

    (or summer season holidays, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) So it's about a week until Christmas and I'm pretty excited! I like Christmas, and I am curious to know what Christmas (or other holiday, like Chanukah) is like in everyone's homes because Other Countries Are Interesting...
  9. ultraviolet

    Anyone else play Harvest Moon?

    I've played three: the original nintendo game (I married elli I think?), Back to Nature (playstation) and the DS version. I kind of want to get A Tale of Two Towns, but I'm not sure whether it's worth it or if it's just the same game with a different title. What do you guys farm in HM? I...
  10. ultraviolet

    Do you own any Pokemon Merchandise?

    So I was looking through all my stuff and I realised I actually had more pokemon stuff than I thought! Do you have any pokemon stuff? You should post pictures! I mostly have things from those pokeball vending machine keyring things that are like $3? There's a few of those at the local shopping...
  11. ultraviolet

    Artistic Influences, Artists you like, Art you like, etc.

    So I kind of realised that this would be a cool thread to have. Which artists or styles of art or pieces of art influence you? What do you want to emulate from other art? What art do you like looking at that makes you go 'why aren't I that good?' What art do you like just for aesthetics? This is...
  12. ultraviolet


    yeah so I was snooping around at old threads and I found this one and I thought hey that's a really cool idea (and also it's like three years old)! so yeah so what features of your body do you like? this is about BEING POSITIVE. POSITIVE. POSITIVE no seriously, be positive you should talk...
  13. ultraviolet


    Because hey, it's been a while since I've made a poll. I do love polls. This time it's about food! Pick your favourite breakfast spread! inb4 'vegemite is gross you are stupid and australian'
  14. ultraviolet


    Okay since we keep getting the same questions all the time, here's a frequently asked questions thread. Please check if your question is answered here before making a thread. That way, other people don't have to sigh and point at this thread and you don't have to be embarrassed. Questions...
  15. ultraviolet

    Game Freak director acknowledges possibility of RSE remakes!

    from Bulbapedia: The original tweet is here (japanese). okay so this is kind of old (the 12th, actually) but I only just noticed and oh my god! This is hardly concrete news but hey it's pretty cool for those of us who want (or desperately want, if you're me) hoenn remakes!
  16. ultraviolet


    so I felt like it was time for a catch-all discussion about gender since we've had several small ones regarding feminism, transgenderism and other related topics! Before we start please remember that: Sex is not gender! Sex refers to genetics, chromosones and the reproductive system. Gender...
  17. ultraviolet


    She turned eight last week, and got a couple of pokemon games for her birthday. She's been playing HG the most, and her party so far consists of: QuilavaQuilava (lv.14) who is holding an everstone for some reason. was recently placed in the PC to make room for a lv.5 caterpie. SpearowLemon...
  18. ultraviolet

    What are you reading? II

    Pretty self-explanatory! Old thread was way long. I'm reading Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë) for my Issues & Transgressions in Literature unit, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Really not enjoying Wuthering Heights, though. :| edit: oh, and please use spoiler tags if you're discussing a...
  19. ultraviolet

    oh my GOSH

    so I've wanted to see Wicked for about... three years and every time it comes to Perth I'm either broke or I don't realise it's in Perth until it's gone. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
  20. ultraviolet

    Awesome clothes

    Share pictures of awesome clothes that you want so bad! You can share anything you like (I'll probably just post frilly dresses and such), so long as it's some form of clothing (jewellry, hats, shoes etc are all okay). :D Please link to your images instead of just posting them so the thread...