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  1. Lucas₇₅₅

    Cosmic Blueberry vs Whirlpool

    Cosmic Blueberry's active squad: ~Cotton the Swablu~ Natural Cure ~Snow the Mawile~ Intimidate Sig Attribute: Magma Heart ~Coat the Swinub~ Oblivious Sig Attribute: Static Fur ~Sun the Shuppet~ Insomnia Whirlpool's active squad: gastly [Thin Air] Gastly (Male) Ability: Levitate...
  2. Lucas₇₅₅

    Different onClick function for successive clicks?

    I'm trying to make a dropdown menu. I've got the scripting right for making the menu appear when you click an arrow, but how can I make it so clicking that same arrow again calls a different function? Here's my code: <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function showCMenu(menuId) {...
  3. Lucas₇₅₅

    Gen V RMT

    Yeah, I've been studying up on the fifth gen. May as well get started early and make a competitive team! Deoxys-S @ Leftovers EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spd Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk) - Spikes - Magic Coat - Taunt - ExtremeSpeed My lead. Quickly sets up one or two layers of spikes (three if I'm...
  4. Lucas₇₅₅

    The Breath Holding game!

    Hold your breath as long as you can while holding the x key. Let go when you can't hold it anymore...
  5. Lucas₇₅₅

    Eonrider vs Mai

    Eonrider's active squad: Torchic Nickname: Fire Fist Species: Torchic Gender: Male Ability: Blaze Experience: 0/2 to Combusken Approval: Here Zubat Nickname: Radar Species:Zubat Gender: Female Ability: Inner Focus Riolu Nickname: Aura Species: Riolu Gender: Male Ability: Steadfast Baltoy...
  6. Lucas₇₅₅

    Titress vs PokeGhost

    Titress's active squad: Pokemon Team [Tricky] Turtwig(male) Ability: Overgrow [Core] Magby(male) Ability:Flame Body [Katie] Doduo(Female) Ability: Early Bird PokeGhost's active squad: Mudkip [Muddy] Male Torrent EXP: 0 Wailmer Water Veil Male EXP: 0 Horsea Female Sniper EXP: 0 Lotad...
  7. Lucas₇₅₅

    Something wrong with the main site?

    When I try to go to the homepage, this comes up: Why does it do this? The forums work, and so does the splash page. But not anywhere else on the site.
  8. Lucas₇₅₅

    Is there a way to make a background stretch?

    selector { background:#BA9BB6 url('/background.png'); } Now, "background/png" is larger than the selector. How do I get the background to stretch so it exactly fits the selector?
  9. Lucas₇₅₅

    The Pokémon Lottery!

    The Pokémon Lottery! As you walk around the square, you spot a building. It looks a bit like a supermarket, but all you see inside is a counter with an attendant. Curiosity wins you over, and you walk inside. A synthesized bell tone rings. An attendant walks up to you, and says "Hi! Welcome to...
  10. Lucas₇₅₅

    What do you want for Christmas/other holidays?

    What do you want to get for the holiday season? I mostly just want video games and coins (I'm a numismatist). What do you want?
  11. Lucas₇₅₅

    Wiimote rip-off

    I saw this thing in a TV ad that was a rip-off of a Wiimote! Right down to the buttons and shape! But it plugged into a PC. Maybe Nintendo should sue, for all they're getting sued for.
  12. Lucas₇₅₅

    Contest! Woo! Yeah!

    Current contest: Outer space. Make a sprite themed like outer space. It can be starry, voidy, planety, black holey, or just spacey in general! Old contests: 1. Make an icy splice(y). Get creative!! Points will be awarded for use of well placed ice. In case you haven't figured it out, It doesn't...
  13. Lucas₇₅₅

    How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

    The age old question. Discuss.
  14. Lucas₇₅₅

    This trainer?

    Does anyone know what this trainer is called? He's from D/P.
  15. Lucas₇₅₅

    My Pokemon Fusions (Splices)

    Feel free to ask what I fused, just too lazy to do it myself. So, yeah. Please comment.
  16. Lucas₇₅₅

    The Header made me do it!

    It told me to come here, so I did. Hi. I'm Lucas755 and I like the Pokemon games. That's it. :huh: