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  1. Palamon


    How are you guys celebrating?
  2. Palamon

    Common mistakes you make

    Well, what even are the common mistakes you make? Spilling juice? How embarrassed does it make you feel?
  3. Palamon

    Ash catching Pokemon too fast in Unova?

    Isn't he? He's already caught/obtained seven Unova region Pokemon. Pidove. Oshawott. Tepig. Snivy. Scraggy. Sewaddle. Palpitoad. Your thoughts?
  4. Palamon

    Battrio is the new Pokemon Game.

    Bulbapedia confirmed that Battrio was the new Pokemon game. This is dissapointing. Discuss. Bulbanews Article.
  5. Palamon

    Hello. I'm back, I guess...

    I'm sure you all fail to remember me. But, I guess I'm back. (My sister too.) I'm back from a two year absence. I've improved my grammar. And have decided to show up again. With a new theme, and new signature, e.t.c... I decided it was time to try again. I don't use Palamon anymore. (I hope I'm...
  6. Palamon

    Icyblack Pokemon forums!

    CLICK! I made a new *clean* forum. Yes it is a proboard. The main skin (only skin right now.) Is blue for ice. Please join I need members BADLY!
  7. Palamon

    I'm back evoryone!

    Hi guys I have returned.
  8. Palamon

    The Create a pokemon and other mon!

    Join my forum please Here is it's link: http://www.particmon.proboards56.com/index.cgi I know proboards aren't advanced forums but It's fun there and at free forum deleates all threads >_> so please join!
  9. Palamon

    Hi there

    why Hello there I'm palamon I just joined this place ^_^ I can't wait this place must be very fun is it ^_^ also I found this place on google and decided to register ^_^ But why won't the stupid notice go away????????????????/