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  1. Kali the Flygon

    Been a while

    Hello, just found this place again after years of inactivity. Wanted to say hi and see how things were going, who's still around, etc.
  2. Kali the Flygon

    Turning Points (OOC/Signup)

    They came without warning. In an instant, everything we thought we knew about them changed. Only one thing is for sure... things will never be the same again... -------- 5:18am: Mauville police recieve a distress call - an unknown assailant has entered the estate of the richest and most famous...
  3. Kali the Flygon

    Sign up: Deadly Skies (How to Train your Dragon RP)

    So yes, here's a holiday gift... a new RP in a time where there aren't many active RPs... merry christmas! Rules and Notes: Any godmodding, powerplaying, and mary sues will result in being eaten:p If you can't put together a full paragraph consistently, perhaps you should look elsewhere for...
  4. Kali the Flygon

    My second Laughing Cupboard thread in under a week

    Quoted from the board itself: Today's Birthdays View Birthdays Kali the Flygon (25) Enough said... :p
  5. Kali the Flygon

    Please add "Dr." before my name

    Well, less than a week shy of my 25th birthday, I am now graduating with my Ph. D in Physics! It's been a long time coming, but my defense is done, my dissertation was approved and submitted, and I'm marching in my commencement ceremony tonight! Weee!
  6. Kali the Flygon

    Birth of the Cyber Dragons

    OOC topic here The day had finally arrived! Brian Sawgrass could hardly sleep the night before, in anticipation of an honor that only he, and a few select people from his town, were going to receive... their very own pet dragon! It's amazing what they can do with science nowadays... the young...
  7. Kali the Flygon

    [OOC/Sign up] Birth of the Cyber Dragons

    RP topic here It is the year 2086. With the invention of the PX-32 Dragon, finally, the promise of affordable, personal space travel is within grasp. The unveiling of the Dragon 0.1 prototype, dubbed "Starlight", was a major hit, in terms of the innovative approach to tackling a major problem -...
  8. Kali the Flygon

    Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    OOC thread here It was a warm, bright Monday morning in late spring. There was hardly a cloud in the sky over the University of Central Hoenn. The campus was relatively large, some 30,000 students, faculty, and staff, and a campus that spanned nearly half a square mile in area. But today, the...
  9. Kali the Flygon

    [CLOSED][OOC/Signup] Shifting Sands: First Glimpse

    RPG thread here Even in modern times, the Hoenn Desert remains one of the most mysterious and elusive places in the Pokémon World, and for good reason. The Desert is a harsh and unforgiving place. Temperatures that often exceed 120F, massive gale-force winds and sandstorms arising out of...
  10. Kali the Flygon

    The old guy of the boards has just become even older...

    Yes, today is all about the number 24. Not only is it the 24th of December, it's also marks the end of my 24th year in this world... Today, I'm finally 24 years old. *offers everyone a piece of a giant, Sandshrew-shaped cake*
  11. Kali the Flygon

    Closed Semi-lit: PG-13: The Order of the Dragon Knights

    OOC Thread Here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been a long three-day journey by foot across the kingdom, but he had finally made it. Verne stood just outside a small cave in the side of the mountain, peering at it under the reddish, dawn sky. "This has to be the place, right?" He took out a scroll and...
  12. Kali the Flygon

    *Closed* [OOC] Semi-lit: PG-13: The Order of the Dragon Knights

    RPG Thread Here The kingdom of Nerai is a small, medieval kingdom located at the base of the mountains, out in the wilderness. A single river flows through, providing the main source of water for the kingdom, as well as a major trade route. At the center stands a great castle where the king...
  13. Kali the Flygon

    Closed Pokémon: Detectives

    Pokémon: Detectives OOC thread here It was just after 7am. The sun barely shined in over the horizon, as seen through the windows of an office building in Charner City. It was a beautiful, although cold, morning in late November. Yet, already a figure was at work, in his office on the 6th and...
  14. Kali the Flygon

    Pokémon: Detectives Sign up/OOC

    Pokémon: Detectives Sign up/OOC RPG thread here Description You are a human member of a Pokémon-based detective agency. You are to work in groups, solving mysteries that local law enforcement has been unable to do. The Chief gathers cases, then assigns them to his agents. You are expected to...
  15. Kali the Flygon

    Yay, it's my birthday!

    Yup, Christmas Eve, 23 years ago today, I was born... *gives everyone a piece of strawberry shortcake* Wow, I can't believe I'm already 23... Sometimes, I look around at all the people half my age and wonder what I'm doing here... Oh well.
  16. Kali the Flygon

    Kali's custom scenes: Avatars, Signatures, etc

    Well, lately I've gotten some requests to open a shop. Rather than using popular images or sprites and starting from there, I prefer to start from scratch, in order to draw things my own way. I'll draw a sketch on paper, then ink and color on the computer. I have to admit that I'm not a...
  17. Kali the Flygon

    Closed Task Force: Code Ryuusen

    ... Incoming Transmission ... Greetings. This is Commander Stern speaking. I am sure you are aware of the hostilities between the United Terrestrial Empire and our Lunar Alliance. We are the only remaining safe haven against the corrupt despotism our former home planet has degenerated into...
  18. Kali the Flygon

    Hey guys!

    This is Scymew from the old TCoD, re-signing in after a long vacation from the site. I see you have new forums, huh?