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    Team Building Quirks?

    When it comes to building teams, do you guys have any patterns or preferences you use when making them? Like with genders, types, or other aspects? For me, I like keeping an even amount genders in my teams. Bonus points if I can get two female, two male, and two genderless Pokémon in the same...
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    Your mood in song!

    Saw this somewhere else and thought it was a neat idea. Pretty much find a song that describes your mood and then post it. Here's mine! :o
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    [IMAGE HEAVY] Faces in inanimate objects?

    Post away! :D! Images stolen from here by the way
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    What do you call sugary, carbonated, unhealthiness?

    Just curious what you guys use for your day to day term for soft drinks. Let me know if I left out a term. (I use soda for those wondering. It's so overwhelmingly used in my area that my mind was absolutely blown to realize it has so many different terms.) Also this is interestingly relevant...
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    Seven years, what what!

    So yesterday marked my seventh year of being a member here. Y'know, when I was eleven years old, went by Zironixx, and hadn't a lick of sense. I would have posted yesterday, but it everytime I tried posting the forum's servers were busy, so I wasn't able to. ): But! TCODVERSARY, yes?
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    Holiday wishlists?

    I think it's pretty neat to see what sorts of things people want to get for the holidays. And even if that's not really the true meaning of the holidays, it's still especially fun to write lists, yes? Also mentioning cool gifts you've given is even spiffier! As for myself, there's a few DS...
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    Main site down?

    I've checked both the main url and the side url. Aaand they both seem to be down. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Cool words!

    Well, I thought it'd be spiffy to have a thread of cool words, so I made one! Here's a few of my favorites! Simper! Callipygian! Peruse! Taradiddle
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    Computer Recommendations?

    A bit of a backstory: so, I had my laptop, which was a graduation gift, stolen. Seeing as it was a Mac, it was a bit on the pricey side and I'd rather not spend that much on a replacement. Unfortunately, what I actually know about computers is abysmal at best, so I was hoping to get some...
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    A Pokémon Poetry Game

    A Pokémon Poetry Game So a friend and I have found that making silly poems about the Poké-verse is pretty darn fun, so I'm going to translate it into a game. The rules are simple: the poster above gives you a Pokémon centric prompt, you write whatever kind of poem you like about it, leave a...
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    What part of the franchise are you interested in?

    Sorry for the unwieldy title; if someone could come up with a better way to phrase it, I'd really appreciate it. So considering how many parts there are to the Pokemon franchise, I think it'd be cool to discuss what parts still keep you interested in it. It doesn't have to be just the games...
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    What Pokemon do you transfer?

    Since the IV Generation, players have been able to preform a one-way Pokemon transfer to the current system, I'm sure this has been used by some of you here. And questions are interesting, so why not? I prefer keeping my team in the game I raised them in, but I do use transferring for minor...
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    What year did you join TCoDf?

    Exactly what the title says. As for myself, I joined December of 2005. To make this poll relevant two days from now, I added 2012. I would appreciate if this option wasn't abused.
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    Pokémon Improvement Thread

    Pokémon Improvement Thread As enjoyable as Pokémon games are, there's still more that Game Freak could do to improve them. So, uh, what are some features you'd alter, add, or remove to improve the series?
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    The Pokémon Christmas CD

    The Pokémon Christmas CD The first track of this monstrosity I stumbled upon this Pokémon CD from Pokémon's heyday a few years ago, and still love how laughably bad this is. This one is my favorite. Uh, yeah, discuss?
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    Ideas for pixeling without a computer?

    I like to sprite/pixel, however I mainly use my Wii to access the internet, because the laptop is usually in use by another member of my family. I've found a few options besides that, like Hama beads and using the draw feature on my calculator, but I was wondering if there's otherways to have...
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    Old usernames?

    It seems like most people change their username until they're happy with it or their interests change. Add that to the fact that TCoD has had multiple forum moves and has been around for who knows how long, it seems like a thread dedicated to listing your old usernames would be a great nostalgia...
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    Obsessive Scribblers

    Obsessive Scribblers is an art interest group that has various activies to help artists to improve themselves, have some fun, and do other stuff. There really aren't requirements for joining, other than drawing stuff, so if you want to join in, just post saying that you want to. That's all...
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    How did you become a Pokémon fan?

    How did you become a Pokémon fan? The title says it all. Generically, I became a fan when I was five after watching the original show. I quickly got into the show and even watched the re-runs when I could. As a gift, I got Yellow, and creatively named myself, 'AAAAAAA,' and my rival, 'ANN.'...
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    Your parents' opinion on Pokémon?

    Your parents' opinion on Pokémon? I thought it be an interesting topic to explore. Not much more to say other than discuss. (My parents know a few of the Pokémon, since I used to live and breathe Pokémon. My mom probably knows more than my dad, and occassionally jokes around about it. My...