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  1. Silver

    Suggestions Silver's Art (because she may be creative with drawings but definitely not names)

    SO yeah, this is a thing now. My art isn't digital or anything, it's just my drawings on paper. That I coloured... any suggestions are welcome! Silver's Arrrrrt~ Pokemon Baby Charmander Oh man this one is from so long ago omg maybe like three years ago? This was from around the same time I...
  2. Silver

    Silver is making a comeback! (for real this time)

    Wow I'm actually back from like disappearing for some months ... I'm probably not remembered too much and probably don't need to post here but YOU KNOW WHAT I missed you guys :D
  3. Silver

    Homestuck Mafia

    Night 0 Begins....Now! Same rules as before: *Don't send in your night action for two nights in a row and die. *Just...have fun really. All PM's should be out and if you didn't recieve a PM tell me and I'll resend it! 24 hours for night actions or until they are all turned in to me. Now...
  4. Silver

    Homestuck Mafia

    Yes, it was bound to happen as well, with all Homestuck fans around here. Also, as a precaution, this is my first mafia game I created so don't hurt me if I mess up. *holds up shield* RULES: *You don't have to post during the day phase, but it would be nice if you would. *You MUST, and I...
  5. Silver

    Splices' Revolution

    The sun rose over the trees of the forest as Silver, or Flash as they call her in the field, crept silently through the trees, attempting to sneak up on the enemy, Team Galactic. She avoided the fallen twigs and leaves on the ground as she reached the area where Team Galactic would be camped...
  6. Silver

    [OOC/Sign Ups] Splices' Revolution

    Splices' Revolution The government created us, combining the DNA of different species of pokemon in an attempt to create the ultimate fighting machines against their enemies, Team Galactic. We were their war toys. They used us, controlled us, but no longer will we stand for this. We will...
  7. Silver

    What kind of people do you hang out with?

    as the titles says, what kind of people do you hang out with most of the time?
  8. Silver

    Ways I Can Improve?

    First off, I don't do EV training, sue me. But anyways, I want to see how I can improve on my current team. I want to see what I can fix, and what I can improve on. So... Feraligatr Level: 100 Held Item: Amulet Coin Nature: Gentle Ability: Torrent Stats: Atk: 261 HP: 303 Def: 217 Sp. Atk: 201...
  9. Silver

    Search for the Spirit Animals

    Liza stared at the barren land that she had avoided with her family before. She looked to Mystic, standing on a rock somewhat above her head. 'Are you sure you told them to come here?' she asked her with her thoughts. 'Yes! It must take a while for some people to get here, depending on where...
  10. Silver

    Search for the Spirit Animals [OOC/Sign Ups]

    ~Search for the Spirit Animals~ - This was a quote taken from the book, "The Lore of the Lands" Now the land of Shizu Falls is a barren place. When most of the nature was destroyed, the Spirit Wielders disappered. All the lands around Shizu Falls look exactly like it, barren with market...
  11. Silver

    The Incredible Escape

    Cynthia opened her to eyes to see the roof of the same gray cage she always woke up to. She heard the creaking of a door in the distance and the whisper of voices. "...those pokemorphs are developing nicely..." she sighed, the same thing everyday stuck in here. She layed flat on her belly and...
  12. Silver

    The Incredible Escape

    There is a remote island resort spot where everything seems normal, but if you journyed deep into the forest, in the heart you would find a research lab. This lab takes children from shelters and experiments on them. Most of the children experimented on by the scientists live, but some do not...
  13. Silver

    Open Tokyo Mew Mew Pokemon Style! (based on the areas in the books)

    This is my first RP so please dont go away! It's almost like the books This RP takes place near Cafe Mew Mew. Five ordinary girls were about to have there life changed. They didn't know they were going save the world from aliens that wanted to destroy the earth so they can have it as there...
  14. Silver

    Yet another sprite contest

    i am aware of the many sprite contests that are out but i wanted another i will get 7 contestants and *judge* then make trophys and keep it going. contest #1: fuse any of the starters throughout the seasons with any pokemon.*pikachu counts as a starter* perfect score is 20 creativity 0 to 10...
  15. Silver

    Suggestions Pretty good sprites

    some sprites i did for contests or just for fun. hope you like them. i made more
  16. Silver


    hello everyone im new here!:grin:
  17. Silver


    if you need to be rescued youve come to the right place!:grin: or if you want to rescue someone!:grin: