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  1. bulbasaur

    Should we get rid of pennies?

    Asking since I just found out that Canada's going to be eliminating pennies from circulation. National Post: Vancouver Sun: As for me, I love pennies and hate to see them go, but the country's budget (1.5 cents per penny produced = $130 million / year!) comes before sentimental value.
  2. bulbasaur

    Course Planning Advice?

    So, I'm a grade 10 student (sophomore) whose dream college is MIT. I need to map out my future courses right about now, and I'm wondering which ones to pick. I've come up with two feasible plans: one will let me graduate at grade 11 while the other one makes for an interesting courseload. *...
  3. bulbasaur

    blazheirio889 vs. Klutzershy

    Pokémon blazheirio889's Active Pokémon: Cleffa Nephilim ♀ Cleffa with ability Magic Guard 0 EXP Cradilybig-root Phalanx ♂ Cradily with ability Suction Cups holding a Big Root 6 EXP Riolu Neodymium ♂ Riolu with ability Steadfast 0 EXP Anorith Adamantite ♂ Anorith with ability Battle Armour 0...
  4. bulbasaur

    Ruler of Houndooms vs. Phantom

    Pokémon Ruler of Houndooms' Active Pokémon: Cyndaquil Cynda ♂ Cyndaquil with ability Blaze 0 EXP Houndour Blaze ♂ Houndour with ability Flash Fire 0 EXP Shinx Surge ♀ Shinx with ability Intimidate 0 EXP Cottonee Cotton ♂ Cottonee with ability Infiltrator 0 EXP Phantom's Active Pokémon...
  5. bulbasaur

    Chief Zackrai vs. Byrus

    Pokémon Chief Zackrai's Active Pokémon: Tyrogue Link ♂ Tyrogue with ability Guts 0 EXP Drowzee Hypnos ♂ Drowzee with ability Forewarn 0 EXP Numel Clyde ♂ Numel with ability Simple 0 EXP Wooper Persephone ♀ Wooper with ability Damp 0 EXP Croagunk GaMzEe ♂ Croagunk with ability Anticipation...
  6. bulbasaur

    Negrek vs. Zhorken

    Pokémon Negrek's Active Pokémon: Yanmawise-glasses Lutchrium ♀ Yanma with ability Speed Boost holding Wise Glasses 0 EXP Grimerlum-berry Phytophthora ♂ Grimer with ability Sticky Hold holding a Lum Berry 1 EXP Swablueject-button Mrs. Fluffy ♀ Swablu with ability Natural Cure holding an Eject...
  7. bulbasaur

    Javascript Reffing Calculator

    So, I'm making a calculator for ASB. My intents should be pretty clear by reading the code, but I'm a messy coder. Chrome's inspector says there's no errors, but it's not working. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html> <head>...
  8. bulbasaur

    Implicit Association Test

    Test can be taken here. Basically, this is a test that measures how strong your previous associations between two subjects are. Indirectly, it measures how unconsciously prejudiced you are against a certain group. I took two IAT's: sexual orientation and race. On the sexual orientation test, I...
  9. bulbasaur

    The Math Contest

    The Math Contest Asberians are not particularly fond of math. There's Ampharos, who "would rather get eaten by a panda than do math"; there's Kratos Aurion, who suggests that he's "not quite sure how much interest" we'd get for a math contest "without a little handholding"; and then there's the...
  10. bulbasaur

    Bulbasaur's Pokémon Arrangements

    Bulbasaur's Pokémon Arrangements Here, I'll post links to my arrangements of Pokémon music. Don't expect this to be updated with any frequency; I'll make a post here when I do. Mystery Dungeon 1 Friend Area: Peanut Swamp/Darkness Ridge. MP3; MIDI; PDF (score); ZIP (score & parts); MXL...
  11. bulbasaur

    Some Gen IV requests

    I'm forming a team on White, but have many Pokémon who need generation IV exclusive moves. I'd prefer them to be as low-leveled as possible, but I'll take what I can get. In exchange... well, the only main Pokémon games I have are Emerald and White. I suppose if you live in the Greater Vancouver...
  12. bulbasaur

    Lord of the Flies Mafia [Innocent Win]

    "There was no light left save that of the stars. When they had understood what made this ghostly noise and Percival was quiet again, Ralph and Simon picked him up unhandily and carried him to a shelter. Piggy hung about near for all his brave words, and the three bigger boys went together to the...
  13. bulbasaur

    Pathos vs. Star69

    Pokémon Pathos' Active Pokémon: Magmarizer Mal ♂ Elekid with ability Flame Body holding a Magmarizer. He has mastered the Triboelectric Effect, an electric attack with base power of 20 and an energy cost of 6. It has an accuracy of 100 and targets a single Pokémon on the field. It has a...
  14. bulbasaur

    DarkAura vs. Phantom

    Pokémon DarkAura's Active Pokémon: Charmander Xena ♀ Charmander with ability Blaze Tirtouga Artemis ♀ Tirtouga with ability Sturdy Magikarp Apollo 13 ♀ Magikarp with ability Swift Swim Ralts Dementia ♀ Ralts with ability Synchronize Skelitten Sheol ♀ Skelitten with ability Pressure Mareep...
  15. bulbasaur

    Lord of the Flies Mafia (Closed)

    This game of mafia will take place in an Alternative Universe branching off chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies. It might be confusing if you haven't read the book before, but you should be able to fuddle your way through. The more players, the better; I'm looking for 15 or more, but, eh, I guess it...
  16. bulbasaur

    Imperial or Metric?

    So, here's a completely arbitrary question: Do you use imperial units, the metric system, or a mix in your daily lives? Me, I use pounds, but don't use ounces or cups (grams and litres instead). I use Pascals instead of bars or PSI, degrees Celcius instead of degrees Fahrenheit, and metres...
  17. bulbasaur

    Help me choose a campground

    My friend and I are going on a camping trip, most likely three days. We need help selecting a campground. It must be within a day's drive from Vancouver BC. Potable water is a plus, but not a necessity. Preference goes to National and Provincial parks on the Mainland, but Vancouver Island would...
  18. bulbasaur

    Atempt at poetry

    Well, I guess I'll post just this for now. Don't expect any more, though. Commentary and criticism are welcome. I Will Fly Free verse, irregular rhythm and flow. Please do not try to force the rhyme when reading; any rhyme is unintentional. My greatest ambition is to soar Since the day I was...
  19. bulbasaur

    No permission to access user profiles?

    Occasionally, when trying to visit some profiles, I'll get an error message stating Specific examples are users 3343 (Coroxn) and 2010 (I have no idea; was just messing around) Is it a user setting or a glitch?
  20. bulbasaur

    Calculus II

    I just did my AP Calculus exam and I feel confident that I'm going to get a 5. And a college accepted me into their online Calculus II program for next year, which means I'll be doing 2nd year calculus in 10th grade. This is going to get very awkward very fast - but I'm glad I made the choice.