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  1. White Wolf

    What would you like to see in Pokemon Aotearoa

    So, I'm making my new Pokemon game, Pokemon Aotearoa and was originally making it by hacking Pokemon Fire Red, but have decided to switch it over to Sphere. Sphere is a programed designed to help people make 2D RPG games, such as Pokemon games but you have to write the whole game yourself. But...
  2. White Wolf

    Suggestions My Pokemon Artwork

    Hi, this is just to show off my Sugimori style artwork and to recieve crits and suggestions to make then better. At the moment I'm doing artwork for my new game and so are not taking requests at the moment, but any ideas for new pokemon for my game are welcome and if I like it then I'll make a...
  3. White Wolf

    White Wolf's Sprite Den

    Hi, I started doing some sprites for contests and some other things and really liked it and so I wanted to test my skills by doing requests for people. I do recolours and splices at the moment and will do more once I learn how to. Forms: Recolours: Pokemon- Body Parts Want Colour Changed...
  4. White Wolf

    Pokemon Rom Scripting

    Hi, I'm making a new pokemon hack called Pokemon Aotearoa and if you want to find out more see my Calling All Spriters thread in the sprites and pixel art. But to the point, does any of the hacking people know how to script properly, I can make signs say things but I can't do anything else, so...
  5. White Wolf

    Calling all spriters!

    Hi, I'm making a new pokemon game hackecd from firered and need alot of new sprites. Any spriters are welcome to try. The game is based in a new region based on New Zealand and also it has been cut off from the world and miracously dinosaur pokemon have survived and are living in the wild. I...