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  1. Skroy

    After so long... we finally meet. <3

    From April 21st to the 24th, I had left to go attend LouisiAnime 2011 in Louisiana. (If you were there, you may have seen me at some point. X3). I'm from Canada and LouisiAnime is a small convention, so what purpose would I have over there? Why, to finally meet my best-est friend in person...
  2. Skroy


    I thought the "Miscellaneous Discussion" section could use a new thread, so here's one I could not stumble upon 10 pages within the section: It's a simple question I ask: are you able to cook a decent dish for yourself? Your entire family? Or are you the master of...
  3. Skroy

    Where have I been for the past few weeks?

    You ask me, Notices box up there, where have I been for the past two plus dozen and more weeks? I've been around places, going here and there trying to understand myself and grow up a little. Also, during that time I played the many games I've always wanted to play (except Okami but I'll find a...
  4. Skroy


    Have you ever participated in any kind of contest? If you did, what kind of contest was it? I'm currently entering three contests, all of which are on DeviantArt. One contest requires that you draw your dreams and aspirations for the future; another requires you to depict a creative and...
  5. Skroy

    Suggestions Zritty's Artz

    To start off this thread, let me first say this: I finally got my very own Wacom Bamboo tablet! As of present, it has been very useful to me when it comes to drawing stuff (and also when taking notes in class and doing my homework). :D Moving along now.... So yeah, I finally decided to make an...
  6. Skroy

    Professor Layton

    I am currently obsessing over the puzzle video game series developed by Nintendo & Level 5, Professor Layton, and so I thought about making a thread on it. For those who do not know this series, it is obviously one that involves mysteries and lots and lots of puzzles. There are currently 4...
  7. Skroy


    Hello! So, what languages do you guys speak and/or write in? I'm fluent in the English language obviously but sometimes I mix up definitions of certain words. I know how to speak and write in French as well, though not as much. In fact, I'm still having difficulty verbally communicating in...
  8. Skroy

    Are you disordered?

    I've been showing this test to my friends on here and it's only now that I think about creating a thread about it. So what kind of test is it? Why, it's a personality disorder test! And here's the link: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv These were my results: Paranoid...
  9. Skroy

    In Progress Tales of Acceptance (Rating: T)

    Summary: I always wondered what the world was like outside my home. Now that I'm out and about, it's nothing like what my friends and I expected it to be. But you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way. Hello people of TCoD. I have a story I would like to share with you because a certain...
  10. Skroy

    Pokémon... Melee?

    Pokémon... Melee? I haven't seen a thread of this yet, and I'm not sure where to put it but this is most likely the appropriate place for it. Moving along... as I browsed random sites, I went onto Bulbapedia and look what I came across...
  11. Skroy


    The games in the Forum Games section are fun and all, but I would like to see something new. As I was reading my dictionary to look up a word, this idea popped into my head. So this is how it works: The first poster posts any random word of their choosing— whether it's in English, French...
  12. Skroy

    -Insert Greeting Here-

    Hello; bonjour; ciao; kalimera; konnichiwa; kumusta; hola; hallo; hei... uh oh, I'm running out of greetings... Hiya, I'm Skroy. I found this site thanks to the Clue Game, and, after some thinking, I thought: "What the hey?" Though, to be honest, this is my first time using the forums, so I'm...