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  1. Lady Grimdour

    The Movie Game.

    Here's the deal. We have a normal conversation. Only using movie quotes.
  2. Lady Grimdour

    So, where the hell have I been?

    Easy: University. To recap: got a girlfriend, broke up with her, fell in love with my best friend, accidentally set her up with another friend of mine, decided to fully transition, currently... a month post-coming out, and first year of University is now over and done with! So yeah, good few...
  3. Lady Grimdour

    Another notch on Death's abacus.

    In other words, I'm nineteen! Feels weird man.
  4. Lady Grimdour

    Tats ahoy!

    Okay, so I've decided to get a tattoo. Here's the design. Having it on my shoulder, where it can be hidden with a sleeve, since I guarandamntee my parents will flip out. But anyway, apart from the pain and the expense, is there anything I should know before I get this baby done?
  5. Lady Grimdour


    So I'm currently typing this from my new laptop. While I'm on facebook on my old laptop. While setting up my new desktop that I SCRATCHBUILT LIKE A BOSS. So yeah, getting rid of my netbook, sending it to my mummy dearest. In return, I get the family laptop. Meanwhile, I built a PC from spare...
  6. Lady Grimdour

    American Censorship Day

    I thought this would interest you all.
  7. Lady Grimdour

    This may have been a bad idea.

    Okay, so tonight I'm headed to a Uni social then back to my flat for a house party. En femme. Fishnets, heels, everything. And now I'm shaking like mad. I'm nervous as fuck but also excited to the same level. And I don't know why I'm scared, it's still the Halloween season here. But I'm scared...
  8. Lady Grimdour

    Caption the Signature Above You!

    The classic, how can we live without the classics?
  9. Lady Grimdour

    "Trans"-ferring. Hah.

    All right, I'm testing the waters full-time. Slowly, anyway. And online. From here on out, I'm gonna go into my girl-mode full-time to see how it affects me, but since I'm in university, I'm closeted, and I have a roommate, I'm gonna do it on the great, wide, interwebs. Most basement dwellers...
  10. Lady Grimdour


    Join iitttt Okay, if you've been living under a rock, it's Google's answer to Facebook and it is AMAZING. Mostly because you can split your friends into work friends, internet friends, your boss, your parents so if you don't want one group to read your status, there. There's also video...
  11. Lady Grimdour

    How do you wait?~ For a day of glooory?~

    Seriously now. I've got less than a week (I move to Aberystwyth on Saturday) and I caaaaaannnnttttt bloody waaaaaaiiiiiiittttt~ How do you guys wait?
  12. Lady Grimdour


    Good news, everyone! Okay, I'll stop with the meme references, but I'm not going to die early! It's just tuberculosis, and once they had some more x-ray tests, they ruled out cystic fibrosis! Bad news is that I may be a carrier, but the devil you know is better. Also, the moving spree is here...
  13. Lady Grimdour

    Thirty-six days.

    Thirty-six days from now I will be moving into Aberystwyth University. :) And how. On the way, I had to walk in the rain and I was so nervous I threw up. You can still find half a drumstick and some rice outside Llandaf train station. I went in, went straight for my results, and tentatively...
  14. Lady Grimdour

    Your Past Self

    (So you have one hour with your past self, your choice of age. What happens?) (12 vs 18) Cool, a time machine! Don't fucking touch that. Anyway, I'm here because my life could be better and yours is not bat either, come to think of it. I'm gonna make it better. So this is like a prophecy? No...
  15. Lady Grimdour

    There once was a story.

    So we make a story, one sentence at a time. There once was a man, who traveled far and wide.
  16. Lady Grimdour

    My head fucking hurts.

    Okay, so prom was last night. Here's what happened: Got a free pint from my best friend Bought another pint for myself Went into the meal area, had a glass of wine Went and got myself a bottle of vodka, I am never having wine again. Head of Year's speech mentions me as an example of how...
  17. Lady Grimdour

    Finally. Finally! FFFINALLLLLAAAAYYY!

    My exams are next week, we move in just over two weeks' time, Prom the next day, results are in less than two months and university is less than three months away. Finally, things are getting closer. I may be patient but I don't like waiting. Woo! Never am I usually this happy about exams...
  18. Lady Grimdour

    In Progress DW/ME: The False Redeemer (Spoilers)

    Note: The following events occur just after acquiring the IFF and the Silence incident in the US, before the Collector attack and the run-in with Henry Avery. PROLOGUE: Routine Procedures Nitpick it, I want this to be perfect.
  19. Lady Grimdour


    Post any choir pieces you think are awesome. Because choir music doesn't get enough props. "Still Alive" as done by 3rd-5th Graders. And yeah, they've played the game.
  20. Lady Grimdour

    There will be NO Pokemon Grey.

    Read it and weep, fellow trainers.