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  1. LuckyLapras' Duck

    I meant to forget this, and then leave it 12 days after.

    Yes, I completely forgot. Anyway, it was my "TCOD-versary" or whatever you want to call it on the 9th. 5 whole days after Independance Day, a whole week after Canada Day.
  2. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Hello Teendom, I'm ready

    I guess it's time to give my Birthday message to myself now. Happy Birthday! Frohlihe Gerburtstag! Tanjoubi Omedetou!
  3. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Dragons' Den

    Dragons' Den You walk into a dark cave, with no people around, to find an abundance of wild Dragons (and items). You cautiously walk on, only to find a picket sign on a picket fence. It reads: Dragons' Den $4 to play Pokemon Common (50% chance of encounter)...
  4. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Guess what. This is no dream

    I am returning from the unkown worlds of real life. It's just too painful to talk about. Anyway, for those of you who don't know me: I'm a guy who plays Pokemon. I used to come here before life got out of hand and now I'm returning. Hello people. And for those who do know me: I'm back. Yay.
  5. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Um, help with a BW team of sorts?

    Yup. More noobish-ness. I'm trying to create a Wi-Fi team (don't ask for my FC, I don't have one yet) and I have absolutely no idea on what to do. I've had a little go at it and this is what I came up with. They're not complete yet and I have the game right in front of me so I know all the moves...
  6. LuckyLapras' Duck

    More sprite-related questions.

    Whilst managing my Safari Zone area a bit more, I found that Unown !, Unown ? and Porygon 2 don't have party sprites. Example: Unown-emUnown-qmPorygon-2 How do I get the party sprites for these? Without hours of Googling
  7. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Random rant about TV and Films and time and stuff people probably wouldn't care about

    Ok. You might only get this if you have heard about the TV program "Life With Derek". It's a show my sister watches A LOT and today the channel that airs it showed the movie "Vacation With Derek", a film made 1 year after the TV program finished. But obviously, the stupid people that run that...
  8. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Questions about the BBCode [sprite=item]

    Ok. So I've been using the BBCode to display item's in my Safari Zone. It does work, but with only items whose name only has one word, like MagnetMagnet or TwistedspoonTwistedspoon (Quote me if you think I didn't use [sprite=item], and Twistedspoon is classed as one word in the games). But when...
  9. LuckyLapras' Duck


    Cyberspace You find a mysterious portal just randomly popping up. You enter the portal, bracing yourself for anything that happens. You step in, and are suddenly greeted by a Lapras cosplayer. He has a mysterious laugh that fills you with nostalgia. "Hahaha. So you've stumbled upon Cyberspace...
  10. LuckyLapras' Duck

    Hi! =P

    Hi! I'm LuckyLapras (or LL). I'm a newbie to the whole forums scene. I decided that the first forums I would join would have some significance in my life, and TCoD is an amazing site, I came to the conclusion that this would be great! Anyway, I've ranted too much, feel free to talk! =) EDIT...