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  1. Cryssie

    Mistakes on Pokemon Sites.

    Kakuna is probably just a corruption of the word "cocoon". That the names of some of the Pokémon in the Nidoran line can be spelt as-is with Japanese syllables may just be a coincidence. Looking around a bit, there are various suggestions as to the origins of the names... Whoever wrote...
  2. Cryssie

    Objection! (Ace Attorney fan-club)

    I always thought of it as being pronounced something along the lines of "lam-EER-wahr", but who knows? o.o
  3. Cryssie

    TCoD Top 50 Classical Pieces

    Umm, yeah, I've gotta say, surely there's a better way of doing things than a massive poll containing every nominee. With so many options, you're spreading the votes reeeeeally thin. Also, if people haven't heard half the pieces, they're not likely to go and listen to them all before voting...
  4. Cryssie

    Nonsensical, Contradictory and/or Stupid Things in Video Games

    But it's not a big chunk of its face, it's a single hair... as incompatible as that may be with how fossilisation works, that's how the story goes.
  5. Cryssie

    TCoD Top 50 Classical Pieces

    I think if you believe the movie, it's an ocarina(-ish thing)? *Shrug.* Either way, I do love The Legend Comes To Life. It is epic and full of hope. I also approve of this thread. Classical music seems nice from what little I think I've heard, I just have no idea where to begin properly...
  6. Cryssie

    Nonsensical, Contradictory and/or Stupid Things in Video Games

    :D? Yes, and? How doesn't that work? It's a representation. *Shrug.* You say that like the rest of TWEWY is perfectly logical. I always thought it'd be rather odd to see the players materialising as they walk through the doorway into a shop, personally... Er, why would Mew die upon losing an...
  7. Cryssie

    Some atheism vs. religion comics I found

    "So you guys have finally found all the transitional fossils?" Unggh. ;; I'm hardly a qualified expert in the field, but damn, that makes even me twitch.
  8. Cryssie

    AHHHH, sorry for not replying. I meant to, I just completely forgot. Life's been interesting...

    AHHHH, sorry for not replying. I meant to, I just completely forgot. Life's been interesting recently. And by "interesting" I mean hectic, filled with work and awesome things in equal amounts, tiring, funny, embarrassing, heartening, depressing, and just plain old vanilla interesting, too. And...
  9. Cryssie

    Favorite vocalists

    I haven't got time to list mine right now (even if I could put them in order), but I note something about your list. The last I knew - quite a while ago, but eh - Roy Khan's voice was the one thing you didn't like about Kamelot. Grown on you, huh? :D Excellent choice, anyway.
  10. Cryssie

    Your ideal Boss Battle

    I can't help but be reminded of the Biolizard/Finalhazard here. o.o Me, I don't really know. Many of the above, probably. Epic in every way, kickass soundtrack, good boss design, fun and challenging (but not stupidly unfair)... and good presentation generally. The game should make you feel that...
  11. Cryssie

    Card Toss

    257264. Is that competition I smell? :D
  12. Cryssie

    Card Toss

    EDIT: A handful of games and nearly two hours worth of distractions later, 167668. Although is anyone else having the game slow down in a laggy fashion for a few seconds (while the timer's still ticking down D:) every now and then?
  13. Cryssie

    Elite Beat Agents DS Fanclub.

    Great, quirky game; love it. Never could complete Jumpin' Jack Flash on Hard Rock difficulty, though. D:
  14. Cryssie

    Card Toss

    86134 on my first attempt. o.o
  15. Cryssie

    NaNoWriMo 2008

    *Finishes last guest speaker image, sighs with relief, observes that it is terrible and goes to get some sleep anyway.*
  16. Cryssie

    Hours of sleep

    Way, waaaay more than I currently get.
  17. Cryssie

    NaNoWriMo 2008

    Sho Minamimoto has some words of inspiration to give to you all. Through a megaphone.
  18. Cryssie

    Oh, hey. :D I do sorta remember you. Not much about you, but yeah. Haven't talked to you in a while.

    Oh, hey. :D I do sorta remember you. Not much about you, but yeah. Haven't talked to you in a while.
  19. Cryssie

    NaNoWriMo 2008

    You think I'm joking? ... Yeah, okay, fine.. ;; I only wish I could live up to that heartening statement of confidence in my cruelty. :( But I shall think, and should you fail, the sinister fruits of said thought may materialise to haunt you come December. ... Damn, that just made me picture a...
  20. Cryssie

    Which Superpower Would You Want?

    There's nothing like a little variety.