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  1. Jason-Kun

    Pokemon X/Y

    Just announced! This time we get a worldwide release in October. Here is a link to the commercial. It is for the 3DS and does not appear to use sprites this time around.
  2. Jason-Kun

    PreCure Fanclub

    For those who are fans of the Precure/Pretty Cure franchise. The newest series, Smile Precure! just recently began. To start us off, I'll just say that I've only seen what's out of Smile so far, though I'm currently archive binging my way through Suite. Favorite Cure from Suite would be Cure...
  3. Jason-Kun

    PSP Recommendations

    As of Christmas, I am the proud owner of one of these fine systems. As of right now I own just Fate/Extra. However I plan on getting these games soon Persona 3 Portabe Final Fantasy Type-0 (once it released here) I might also possibly get a copy of Birth By Sleep, but I'm still thinking that...
  4. Jason-Kun

    Wanted- Kyogre

    Okay, so I'm trying to get a Kyogre, from HeartGold or otherwise, perferably with a nickname of Aquaris. I'm willing to part with the SS Groudon I have as well as any SS or Platinum exclusives and starters. Others as well, if you're willing to wait awhile. My FC is 2150-0657-4683.
  5. Jason-Kun

    Yu-Gi-Oh: Theifs in Shadow

    There are three options here: 1.You are a student who has had either their entire deck, their prized card, or something of value stolen and you've gone to the Chancellor. She's told you that they school will inform you if they catch the thief or thieves but you fill this is not good enough. As...
  6. Jason-Kun

    Open The Broken Calendar

    --- It was quiet that day as the thirteen year olds filed into the circle. Each could be seen wearing the ceremonial robe. One figure had his hands clasped together, eying the others his age. Shuffling in excitement, he looked at the twelve leaders of six men and six women before them. Today...
  7. Jason-Kun

    [OOC and Sign-ups] The Broken Calendar

    There are a few sides to this. They are: "Brokens" or those who have been mixed up. "Repairers" or the government officals who wish to fix the problem. "Gears" or regualr people who are curious about the mix-ups. These are store-owners, commoners, etc. Rules No godmodding or powerplaying...
  8. Jason-Kun

    It has arrived!

    *Screams triumphantly.* Okay so Sunday my family and I ordered the Wii off Wal-Mart's website. We were told we should get it between tomorrow and next Tuesday, but it arrived today rather than between those times. Unfortunately we still have to wait for Animal Crossing City Folk to arrive...But...
  9. Jason-Kun

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians CLub

    This is..well a club for said series. It's a good series with Greek gods, romance, fighting, etc. The books out so far are: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: 1. The Lightning Theif 2. The Sea of monsters 3. The Titan's Curse 4. The Battle of the Labyrinth 5. The Last Olympian Hereos of Olympus...
  10. Jason-Kun

    [OOC] Animal Crossing: It's a Wild World

    Welcome to River Town, a small town not too far off the coast of Animal Island. It's a peacful town, ruled by animals, although humans do tend to move in and out every few years. The local shops Nook's cranny and the Able Sister's are tourist hotspots, run by...well nook and the Able Sisters...
  11. Jason-Kun

    Heheh, older.

    It's my birthday. I can now legally have sex and do lots of other things I've been waiting to turn the legal age to do. Let the games begin!
  12. Jason-Kun

    Closed Paradise Island: The Starters' Tale

    Accepted Players: 1.Oreku 2.Cryptica 3.Darksong 4.Dragon 5.Exo-Raikou 6.Blastoise428 7.Evoli 8.Male Gardevior 9.Shadow Lugia 10. Me! --- A small blue head stuck up from the pond, orange horns grazing the surface. Clear water slid off the blue skin as the figure glanced from place to place, blue...
  13. Jason-Kun

    Paradise Island: The Starters' Tale ((Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

    Welcome to Paradise Island, a small island not too far off from any of the other regions. Home two twelve unique Pokémon families not found anywhere else, this is the place where hunters come to capture Pokémon to ship off for training to be a starter. Paradise Island is split down the middle...
  14. Jason-Kun

    ‘Sexting’ surprise

    ‘Sexting’ surprise Discuss. Do you think the verdict is wrong? Or do you agree with this idea?
  15. Jason-Kun

    In Progress Chronicles of Naruto: Age of War

    This is a story rated PG-13 for mentions of blood and romanctic hints. Also, before I start posting, I would like to explain that this is a co-written fanfic taking place in an AU-Universe ((it also explains my character in Darksong ad I's roleplay's background but that's just a bonus.)) written...
  16. Jason-Kun

    Open Return of the Reapers Game

    Okay this roleplay will have two separate groups with two separate objectives. One group, the students, the other the parents trying to save them. Here are your forms. Students Name: Age [13-18]: Gender: Appearance [Please be as detailed as you can get. Atleast a paragraph.]: Skills [Things...
  17. Jason-Kun

    Trapt on a Deserted Island.

    By some chance or miricle, you've found yourself trapt on an island. But you're not alone, for one of your online friends is also there. What would you do? What one item would you have with you if you could have only one item? Would you try to get off the island or stay? Let your imagination...
  18. Jason-Kun

    Open Legend of the Stone Tablet (LST)

    Water dripped from the top of a cave, a fierce creature floated in water within the cave. Blue skin glistened in the moonlight, red symbols curved into her body. White underbelly rubbed against the water. This was Kyogre...and she had finally awakened. Kneeling before her was another figure. A...
  19. Jason-Kun

    Open DEATH NOTE: The Waring Notes

    It has been many a year since the death of the infamous serial killer, Light. Ryuk has been a great help in our investigations, and has been teaching me a little more about the Death Note. Now things are changing. Ryuk has revealed something to me that could upset the delicate balance between...
  20. Jason-Kun

    In Progress The Cards of Change

    Authors Note: I think it is worh noting that that fanfic takes place not in the universe of the anime, or manga, but of the games. Things such as levels will be mentioned, but not in the sense that we know them. Carry on, and have fun. This story is rated PG-15. Pokémon: The Cards of Change...