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  1. Notoriously Unknown

    Suggestions Unconventionally Evolving Doodles

    Hello CoD and hello art sub-forum, long time no see! Due to the lovely brain-numbing summer I've been having, creativity and the motivation to draw have been stifled. No, let me fix that. It's all been buried under two tons of dirt and declared unsafe by the part of my mind that hates me...
  2. Notoriously Unknown

    Fruit = Plant Uterus?

    So I was eating an apple one day and I started musing on exactly why fruit even exists. Of course I came up with the obviouse: "Animals eat the fruit, the seeds go through their digestive system, the seeds get pooped out in a new location to aid the spread of the species" Than I started making...
  3. Notoriously Unknown


    Well? What do you guys think about it? I'm not sure if something will happen, I mean, the sun has been going wild with solar flares and sun spots so who knows? I'm skeptical, but wary.
  4. Notoriously Unknown

    Random Scribblenauts Time-Wasting

    So, this (evidently) is a Scribblenauts club. As of now the game comes out tomorrow in America, among other places, and because there's no club made for it yet I thought I'd step up. So just chat about the game, about what ridiculouse ways you solved the puzzles in it, what you found would...
  5. Notoriously Unknown


    Yeah, so I saw this movie last night and though at the end it seemed badly cliched, I really liked it. It started out with a bang, having the awesome prolouge and showing the father and sons relationship. The way they portrayed the two really dragged me into the storyline, mostly because I loved...
  6. Notoriously Unknown

    Rate the Avatar Above You~

    Strangly, out of all of the other rating games I didn't find this anywhere. When rating try to to give an explantion intead of just a fraction, please and thank-you. ^.^;
  7. Notoriously Unknown

    Requests Closed Notorys Shop of Artistic Doodads

    Yeah.. So I'm opening an art shop! :D I love to draw, and my friends here seem to think I draw well so why not? There's one thing though, I cannot sprite. So, just keep that in mind if you request. Here's what I can do.. Avatars (hand-drawn, computer-drawn, and cropped/resized pictures from...
  8. Notoriously Unknown

    Did You Make Your Avatar?

    Did you? How did you make it? Did somebody else make it for you? A made-it-yourself avie can't just be a cropped pic you got from somewhere though, like mine. You had to have drawn it or taken an already existing pic and edited it. :3
  9. Notoriously Unknown

    Is it just me or..........

    Are a lot of the main series starters reptilian? Bulbasaur- A supposed dinosaur/plant thing Squirtle- A turtle Charmander- A lizard that turns into a dragon Chicorita- It looks vaugly like a sauropod in it's later evos. Totodile- A crocodilian creature Treeko- A stylized gecko Turtwig- ANOTHER...
  10. Notoriously Unknown

    Write a Diamond Poem! (No, not the game)

    Right.. So I diamond poem is basicly a poem that's sorta shaped like a diamond. At the top there's a word and then a bunch of describing words for it going untill the middle, then it describes something else which is written at the bottem. Like this... Outside Fresh, Sunny Wind, Grass, Folige...
  11. Notoriously Unknown

    Post some TV Show Quotes!

    Title says almost all. It can be any show you like, just post a funny or awesome quote from it.
  12. Notoriously Unknown

    The Dream Thread

    I'm not sure there was ever a thread like this here, but I'm going for it anyways. Have a dream you'd like to talk about? Just want to tell somebody about it? Maybe even have it interpreted? This is the place to be... Last night I had a dream that I was standing in this huge open feild with...
  13. Notoriously Unknown

    D/P/Pt Is Platinum Redundant?

    Just think about it, It's pretty much Diamond and Pearl with some extras and a semi-new stroyline. Why have a third in a series that would do alright with just two. Not only that, but wouldn't Platinum make the other two in the triligy obsolete? I loves Diamond, but I'm not going to go out and...
  14. Notoriously Unknown

    Do you belive in ghosts?

    Self explanitory. Just say whether or not you do belive and why. Yeah, I belive in ghosts, not very strongly though. When I was little I think I experianced a lot of ghostly anomalies, but I only know that because of an old video of me as a baby. While I was falling asleep in my crib some kind...
  15. Notoriously Unknown

    The Klondike Bar Game

    You've heard the queston, "What would you do for a Klondac bar?". Basicly you ask the next poster, What would you do for [something]? Ex: What would you do for a giant peanut? I'd get squished by an elephant! I'll start us off. What would you do for the power of flight?
  16. Notoriously Unknown


    Yes, I know cloning humans can't happen at this point in our technological acheivements, but someday it could happen. If so than what are the morality issues with it. Say a person dies and is cloned. Is it really that person? Would a clone be conciouse of the fact that it was just a copy? Is it...
  17. Notoriously Unknown

    You're sentenced to!....

    Okay, basicly you play this game by saying-- You're sentaced to X for/because of/etc. Y You're sentanced to a liftime of sponge bathing old people for crashing a car into the window of a retirment home. Go wild and have fun. :) Edit- Crap, I misspelled sentanced. and misspelled... -_-;;;;
  18. Notoriously Unknown

    I'm new, duh.

    Hey, I'm Unknown. I like to draw, play vidio games, and.... And do other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm new here evidently and thought I might introduce myself. I hope the people here are nice and don't try to torch me with a flamethrower. :grin: