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  1. Mewtwo

    Does anyone remember me? Wanna reconnect with peeps

    YOOOO it's Mewtwo back from like forever ago, I've been going on a nostalgia trip and I wanna see if anyone remembers me??? I'm like 20 now, i remember joining this site back when I was like 10 and I miss the people I used to be close with, I'd love to meet new people also but I miss the peeps...
  2. Mewtwo

    [Wanted] Female HA Larvitar/family

    I really need one, I'm trying to breed a competitive team to use in the official stuff. I have a few shinies I'm not using in return, but I really don't have much else to offer ;A;
  3. Mewtwo

    [wanted] Froakie and Chespin, Vivillion forms

    My sister has Y so I have version exclusives covered, but I found out that she starter her game with Fennekin instead of waiting and trading me the other two starters first. So we started with the same starter. I am also interested in the Vivillion forms. I only have my own, which is the purple...
  4. Mewtwo

    *creeps in holding a copy of Pokemon X*

    So um guys I think I'm legitimately back this time. I've missed you all *group hugs* I've been so busy with school an guard and my actually nonexistent social life and stuff. Plus my computer broke so my computer time is limited.
  5. Mewtwo

    [Wanted] Genesect

    As long as it wasn't obtained from cheating, I want it. I just want one to complete my dex. I missed the event, so therefore, it's the only legendary I do not have. If you have a spare Genesect that's good for battle, I have two Meloettas sitting around in Wonder Cards that I have yet to pick...
  6. Mewtwo

    *confetti and streamers are thrown everywhere*

    Mewtwo Is BACK!!! That's right. After a long absense due to a tight schedule, I plan on frequenting these forums again :3 So, who missed me?
  7. Mewtwo

    [B/W] SERIOUS help need with my team. (it's not even complete...)

    Okay, so far I only know that I want a Zoroark and a Mienshao. I'm kind of new to competitive battling, so I need help with good type coverage, different strategies, etc. Also, IV breeding tips and good EV training spots are needed. I just can't get what I want off of Google.
  8. Mewtwo

    Beh. I guess I'll make it... at 10:04 PM

    HAPPY (14) BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE... and no one at school remembered. TCoD are the only Happy Birthdays that I got. OH WELL IM 14 NOW
  9. Mewtwo

    [Wanted] Jap. Ditto, other shinies

    I want a Jap. Ditto for the Masuda Method. Make an offer and I'll see if I have it. I also have a shiny Vulpix, Rayquaza, and Zapdos for trade. Since I have all available legendaries, shinies and good natured/good IV'd Pokémon are appreciated.
  10. Mewtwo

    Fighting weasel... things... are cluttering my box (and other various assorted Pokemanz)

    Yes, that's right. I has Mienfoo cluttering my boxes from nature breeding that I'm willing to give away. It's a first-come, first-serve basis, though. Just ask for a nature and I might have it. (I'm breeding for Adamant, though, so I won't have any of those) I also have other Pokémon to breed...
  11. Mewtwo

    A lot of people have been going "GASP! MEWTWO'S BACK!"

    ...so I'm making an official thread. I've been extremely busy, with swimming and track and color guard tryouts. And my finally-existant social life. And my boyfriend. But... either way, it's Mewtwo 2.4, with more maturity, better drawing skills... and Pokémon Black. In addition, I am also in...
  12. Mewtwo

    Everyone forgot about Frostdawn while obsessing over MD...

    Happy Birthday, Frostdawn!
  13. Mewtwo


    I don't know you that well, but... happy birthday! Have an Odd Berry (yes, I remember your previous username XD)
  14. Mewtwo

    In Progress Shadows in the Night (My NaNoWriMo novel back-up, plus I want to see what people think of my rough draft)

    Prologue: Fifty years ago The young girl froze; yes, she heard something. Someone, something in the woods was spying on her. She did a quick 360; nothing visible to the human eye… She crouched down on all fours, hair bursting from her body as her bones and muscles rearranged to form the body...
  15. Mewtwo

    *spikes popped football*

    Greens first post has become true. And, AAANNNDD... he gave me a cool four-leaf clover necklace that I've sworn to never take off :DDDDD Either way, we were at ZombieFest, a cool program our library holds every year. This year, it was open to seventh graders, so Jake (aka redx) came too. Well...
  16. Mewtwo

    [Open] Return of the Elementals: Part Two of the Elementals Series (OOC/Signups)

    since the last one went so well, now there be a sequel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An elderly man slowly and calmly walked over to a computer monitor that sat on top of an ordinary office desk. As he made his way over there, a Metagross followed him ever vigilantly to behind...
  17. Mewtwo

    [Tier I] Solight City Gym

    WELCOME to Solight City! As you emerge from the Lunar Forest, exhausted from all the battling, this city is... well, the last thing you expected to see. After being in the darkness of the canopy of the Lunar Forest, the sudden change to the bright light and the solar panels… well, surprised...
  18. Mewtwo

    One-Shot I'm warming up for NaNo already...

    This is an exactly-250-word one-shot that I came up with randomly, to get my creative juices flowing. EDIT: It's not exactly 250 anymore, as I changed something. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Luna froze; yes, she heard something. Someone, something in the woods was spying on...
  19. Mewtwo

    ...im getting impatient with this breeding thing... So I'm cheating and asking for a Jolly Sneasel

    I'm breeding for my Pokémon Chrome League team, and I've hatched, like, 13 eggs... and none of them Jolly. ;.; So, if you have a Jolly Sneasel (prefferably female, because I have the Sneasel with the egg move ready to pass on already from chain breeding, I just need a Jolly one) then I'll offer...
  20. Mewtwo

    D/P/Pt Er, I haven't actually started building the team yet...

    ...but here's what I'm going to build for a Chrome League (EV trained, IV/Nature bred, etc). I just want help with it before I go through the trouble of EV training, etc. I got these movesets, IVs, etc from Smogon =P Oh. And it's not done. I need help with the other half of the team options...